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Iodine in a sentence

1. It has an iodine value of 85–100;

2. Iodine has only one stable isotope.

3. Kelp ash is rich in iodine and alkali.

4. iodized salt fortified with iodine).

5. It can also dissolve iodine.

6. Saliva also contains iodine and EGF.

7. All the waters contain iodine.

8. Iodine adds across the double bond.

9. They stain blue with iodine.

10. Iodinated contrast contains iodine.

11. It can also be removed by iodine.

12. It is one of the fluorides of iodine.

13. Iodine does not.

14. Iodine 1.4 mg/kg min.

15. Iodine is not an allergen.

16. Iodine chloride may refer to:

17. and iodine and iodine derivatives.

18. · Iodine and its derivatives.

19. It is known to be rich in iodine.

20. Iodine fluoride may refer to:

21. this gave the "iodine pit" its name.

22. Its odor has been compared to iodine.

23. see isotopes of iodine).

24. Iodine extraction began in 1934.

25. Iodine is an essential trace element.

26. Iodine destroys the substance.

27. Apply some iodine before you bandage.

28. Why give people iodine tablets?

29. cause of goitre is iodine deficiency.

30. Iodine (Kelp) - 150 MCG.