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No. sentence
1 are told that invisible unicorns inhabit the forest, and offered a prize if they can prove that the unicorns do not exist.
2 A painter who bemoaned the limitations of paint, he tried to convey something immaterial in his work, to lend shape to the invisible.
3 So if we understand the argument in terms of the second interpretation, it looks as invisible. It looks all the argument still go through, Simmias' counterexample fails.
4 Radio waves can be destroyed even though they are invisible in the relevant sense.
5 He offers an example of a invisible thing that can be destroyed.
6 We act as though we were free, not only accepting but even demanding that an invisible injunction tell us what to do and think.
7 She was invisible in the dusk of the room.
8 Which brings me back to the destructive effect of focusing on invisible monsters.
9 Dark energy makes up three-quarters of our Universe but is totally invisible. We only know it exists because of its effect on the expansion of the Universe.
10 The turtle's shell blended into the mud, making it almost invisible.
11 But imagine how frustrating this game would be if, just as you began to play it, an invisible sniper shot you dead every time.
12 The invisible rays sliced and diced my entrails in search of metal.
13 Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust - we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.
14 It turns out that right above you, totally invisible, is an enormous herd of animal life.
15 told Mark Owens that some of the more fearsome poachers possessed powers derived from witchcraft; they could become invisible, or ford rivers without being eaten by crocodiles.
16 We searched the house, above and below, and the yard and stables; they were invisible: and at last, Hindley in a passion told us to bolt the doors, and swore nobody should let them in that night.
17 Yet even those who ranked highest in the divine hierarchies were hardly more than invisible supermen.
18 line that separates the mediocre from the brilliant, and the invisible from the "break-out superstar" is thin, but has the potential to be emotionally overwhelming once crossed.
19 It opens invisible doors and walls that would-be employers and others can put up when they see a disabled person.
20 There is visible labor and invisible labor.
21 When shorter wavelengths of light, invisible to the human eye, hit the gold nanoparticles, they get excited and start to glow violet.
22 Rays from the sunrise drew forth the buds and stretched them into long stalks, lifted up SAP in noiseless streams, opened petals, and sucked out scents in invisible jets and breathings.
23 So, if any of those methods contain references to any fields in the original class, you get a compiler error because they are invisible to the superclass.
24 So Leonhardt and Pendry imagined bending space to steer light around a circular region, making anything inside that hole invisible.
25 So it should be invisible nearly in the forest.
26 He questioned Adam Smith's emphasis on the invisible hand.
27 That was what they meant, those caressing appeals, those soft touches wafted through the air, those invisible little hands pulling and tugging, all one way!
28 After a day or two the spawn is laid in long strings which wind themselves in and out of the reeds and soon become invisible.
29 When running on a device, though, the embedded workbench is invisible to the user.
30 Ironically, these youngest children were actually the most scientific of the bunch, perhaps because they interpreted "invisible" to mean simply "not present in the room" rather than "transparent."