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1 Another enables tethering, or the ability to share the iPhone's Internet connection with a computer, something for which iPhone owners are supposed to pay AT&T an extra $20 a month.
2 Most important, every one of those smart phones will be constantly connected to the Internet.
3 everything you can do on the device requires an Internet connection.
4 With technical details of the security system already circulating on the Internet, instructions for cracking it will almost certainly make their way into the computer underground.
5 And so the network of taxes, what's taxable, what's the tax rate that needs to be applied, and who realizes the tax revenue are all somewhat complicated by things like commerce on the Internet.
6 For benchmarking it though I decided to run it on my Windows 7 SP 1 system so that the forthcoming Internet Explorer 9 could get its innings in.
7 Thurston started getting into this whole "Internet" thing in simpler times when the social web was called Usenet.
8 Some of the more popular browsers include additional components to support Usenet news, IRC (Internet relay chat), and email.
9 an Internet newsgroup devoted to urban legends like the one about Walt Disney's body being cryogenically frozen after his death.
10 Do you use the newsgroup on Internet?
11 A Taiwanese shop worker dubbed Little Fatty told of his shock Thursday at becoming a Susan Boyle-like overnight Internet sensation after a flawless Whitney Houston rendition on a TV talent quest.
12 Adverts on billboards, in magazines and on the Internet, comprise only one strand of the complex tobacco marketing net.
13 But who regulates the marketing, by satellite TV or Internet, of unhealthy lifestyles, including diets, tobacco products and pharmaceuticals of questionable quality?
14 Then, that central repository on the Internet syncs all of the data and media files back down to all of the user's devices, so that all of them have the same data.
15 THE internet is replete with funny Chinese signs in English, but a friend currently in Kunming, in southwester China, sends in a doozy of an unusual one.
16 Such imitative sincerity is hardly unusual in China's Internet sector, which is dominated by locally based companies that have successfully transplanted the services of web pioneers elsewhere.
17 entrusted with organizing the Web is running out of the "IP" Numbers that identify destinations for digital traffic. The Internet is running out of addresses.
18 All of this is facilitated much more easily by the Internet, library and academic search engines than it is by a huge shelf of books.
19 Think real estate, Internet marketing, lawyers, entrepreneurs, health, etc. These are all potential clients for you.
20 My favorite part is when the law recommends offenders can lessen their sentence of Internet loss if they promise not to do it again.
21 Comcast offers its customers a variety of bundled services: connection to the Internet, cable television, telephony and video on demand.
22 As is shown above, in front of a computer happily sits a teenager, attempting to work on his homework effortlessly, with the help from the Internet finishing the job for him.
23 Since the invention of the Internet, we have to deal with a lot more information than ever before.
24 So yes, the internet furnishes weapons for the oppressors as well as the oppressed – but not, as Morozov seems to imply, in equal measure.
25 For Adobe, the project is the spearhead of a transformation from a seller of boxed software to a provider of services in an increasingly rich Internet experience.
26 PARIS - the British Parliament on Thursday approved plans to crack down on digital media piracy by authorizing the suspension of repeat offenders' Internet connections.
27 But today such applications account for only a small fraction of Internet traffic.
28 Sit at a table downstairs and use the Internet or sit outside on the balcony.
29 of my express wishes, it spends all day either barking downstairs or sitting on my lap pretending to be interested in the internet.
30 Text Project is similar in technology to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit on the Internet.