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Intergraph in a sentence

1. Madison's largest employer is Intergraph, a computer software company based in Madison.

2. The technology was later sold to Intergraph, its main customer.

3. This version was branded both Intergraph (on CLIX) and Bentley MicroStation (on PC).

4. This was the last version to run on Intergraph CLIX.

5. Doug Gerull was the executive in charge of the Mapping Sciences division at the Intergraph Corporation.

6. Quintus was sold to Intergraph Corporation in 1989.

7. Intergraph continued work on Clipper processors for use in its own systems.

8. This was followed by the faster C300 from Intergraph in 1988.

9. Intergraph sold several generations of Clipper systems, including both servers and workstations.

10. In 2008, Intergraph was one of the one hundred largest software companies in the world.

11. The company was later renamed to Intergraph Corporation in 1980.

12. Intergraph was one of only two companies to use the chips in a major product line.

13. Intergraph developed their own version of UNIX for the architecture, which they called CLIX.

14. In 1987, Intergraph bought the Fairchild division responsible for the chip.

15. In 2000, Intergraph exited the hardware business and became purely a software company.

16. On November 29, 2006, Intergraph was acquired by an investor group led by Hellman &

17. On October 13, 2015, the Intergraph Security, Government &

18. On January 9, 2017, the Intergraph Government Solutions division was rebranded as Hexagon US Federal.

19. On June 5, 2017, the Intergraph Process, Power &

20. Consulting Services) ANVIL-5000, ISYKON (bought by Intergraph) Proren, EUCLID-IS, Unigraphics, MEDUSA.

21. Intergraph and Systran also began to offer PC versions around this time.

22. StudioZ single stream: Intergraph TDZ-425 with 30 minutes of uncompressed SCSI storage.

23. StudioZ dual stream: Intergraph TDZ-2000 GT1 with one hour of fibre channel storage.

24. Bayer, BASF, Linde, Uhde, Wacker, Intergraph, Innotec, ABB and the RWTH Aachen.

25. Hurd was president and chairman until Quintus was sold to Intergraph Corporation in October 1989.

26. IPIP is focused on developing 3D design using Intergraph PDS software.

27. After working for LSI and Intergraph, he joined StorageNetworks.

28. MacDonald started his career as a salesman at Intergraph, a software company in Dublin.

29. He later started Intergraph, was chief executive of Helioprint and adviser in PA Consulting Group.

30. In 1993, Bestinfo was sold to Intergraph.