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No. sentence
1 The natural changes in carbohydrate composition that occur during maturation and post harvest ripening of plant foods is therefore of particular interest to food chemists.
2 Nothing can awake her interest in this trip.
3 What if the project manager, as owner, presents a conflict of interest in resolution of the issue?
4 In this case you befriend al because, say, of a Shared interest in beekeeping, and later learn that he is an evangelical Christian.
5 interest it earns on its loans and securities is almost pure profit, or "seigniorage," most of which it remits to the Treasury.
6 Lim's not the first Asian tycoon with serious interest in the sport.
7 You usually start collecting money from the most committed investors and work your way out toward the ambivalent ones, whose interest increases as the round fills up.
8 He went out of his way, meeting BP executives on June 16th, to insist that he has no interest in undermining the company's financial stability.
9 The speaker began moralizing on the right way for people to behave, and his listeners soon lost interest.
10 The best interest she likes is to heap up dollars.
11 That’s great; just move those surpluses into a savings account so they can earn some interest, and then move them back out if you need them.
12 Money at interest produces an income.
13 The Getty's trustees decided the house loan was a conflict of interest and forced out Ms True while she was on trial for transactions they had known about and approved.
14 These task force nominees were reviewed for potential conflicts of interest, approved by the APA Board of Trustees, and announced in 2007.
15 He has also taken a personal and professional interest in ways to combat the traffic problems that bring Auckland to a crawl and cost an estimated $1 billion a year in lost productivity.
16 specification defines the means by which any client of a resource instance can establish and renew its interest in the resource instance for a specific period of time.
17 It is a very good, free newsreader that will be of interest to all Usenet newbies.
18 However, my interest is primarily in software for engineering and manufacturing.
19 Local colour lends [adds] peculiar interest to the novel.
20 Some of you expressed interest in the trip, what gear I end up using, etc.
21 another, bigger, circle - the 'circle of concern' - containing things we have some interest in, but most of this is beyond our ability to influence.
22 Gu Wang Yan is a long novel written by Qujing Cao living in the beginning of Qing Dynasty, no sooner published in 1997 than interest many scholars and re-arouse their research enthusiasm.
23 Private television is still dominated by Mr Berlusconi. He is still Italy's richest man, still beset by conflicts of interest, still unfit, even if he were a great reformer, to rule Italy.
24 Essentially, says Lu Feng, Director of Peking University's China Macroeconomic Research Center, the PBOC faces a conflict of interest.
25 expense necessary for handling the entrusted affair advanced by the agent shall be repaid with interest by the principal.
26 At the end of the loan upon your payment of the principal and of sufficient additional interest, John Milton, Sr., the goldsmith, would return to you the gold that you had entrusted to him.
27 Rather than pay each other's interest costs directly, the payments would be netted out.
28 Yet so often the parcels we've carefully wrapped, once opened, are just pushed away because the very thing our little boy or girl was once so desperate for, they have now lost interest in.
29 It also fits neatly with his strategy for achieving that by binding interest groups such as lawyers to his cause.
30 My interest in stamp collecting dated from my schooldays.