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1 But as Edwards’s tale progresses, it becomes clear that, for all Google’s praiseworthy qualities, the company is hampered by a narrow perspective and an insular culture.
2 And they are often looked on suspiciously by insular Afghan militant groups who tend to depend on their own tribal members to enlarge their fighting ranks.
3 was also increased activity in the brain's insular cortex and the anterior cingulated, regions associated with physical pain and distress.
4 EUROPE, it is said, must resist the temptation to become a giant Switzerland: ie, a smug, rich, insular place.
5 The reason, he explains, is that the site feels more insular and exclusive than in the past.
6 Consumers may decide that it is unwise to entrust all their secrets to a single online firm such as Facebook, and decamp to less insular alternatives, such as Diaspora.
7 Conservatives will not be able to understand the elusive nature of Obamaism and counter its formidable appeal until they remove the impediment of their own insular, rigid ideology.
8 It was very insular, a walled garden.
9 However, even if such pressure is applied by Myanmar's Asian neighbours, there is no guarantee that the paranoid, insular and incompetent generals will pay any attention.
10 Their dashed journey underscores the insular nature of the Pakistan and Afghan militancy.
11 But insiders worry that new users perceiveWikipedia as “uninviting” and “insular”.
12 deal has passed off without interference widens the door to further cross-border activity in an insular industry.
13 He has transformed the staid, insular, 200-year-old savings bank into one of the largest retail Banks in central and eastern Europe.
14 tsunami brought India's insular fishing community in touch with the outside world for the first time.
15 But China's insular financial system has also kept it underdeveloped.
16 Take Home Lesson: Don't be too insular and just spend time on your own web property - get out there and participate in the wider web.
17 Bear may have gone public in 1985, but it was run more as an insular, rough-and-tumble partnership than a listed company with global aspirations.
18 But that is why the company is busily hiring Chinese staff as future managers—yet another big break from Japan’s insular corporate tradition.
19 reputation for insular, slow-moving cultures, ” he told Fortune magazine of the pre-bail out state of the car makers.
20 I despise "Internet culture". It's so pointless, so self-fulfilling, so completely insular and without context.
21 ZC: Our most parsimonious explanation for the highly unusual (autapomorphic ) nature of Balaur is that it represents a by-product of its insular habitat.
22 Elsewhere, such conduct might fuel lawsuits, but the ministry's insular system shields it. Mr.
23 Like lawyers in courts, physicians in hospitals, or baseball players on the field, scientists speak an insular language that is unknowable and intimidating to the uninitiated.
24 Since announcing a year ago that it would join the Nextel Cup competition, the company has seen a debate escalate in this insular sport over what is considered American-made in today's global economy.
25 When the controls perceived odors, the bilateral amygdala, piriform, and anterior insular and cingulate cortices were activated.
26 Legal formalism is apt to actuate an insular and inflexible understanding of law, disregarding the regularized value and meaning hidden under items and words.
27 insular cortex also known as the insula lies deep inside the brain.
28 Conclusion: the effects of hemispheric stroke on heart function and cardiac autonomic nervous activity are mainly correlated with destruction of insular or regions adjacent to the insular.
29 How insular and pathetically solitary," Emmerson confided to his journal, "are all the people we know."
30 Conclusion: It is a feasible and effective method to remove the insular tumors through the pterion.