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Imperial Germany in a sentence

1. His parents were immigrants from Alsace, then part of Imperial Germany.

2. The Whites, who were supported by Imperial Germany, prevailed over the Reds.

3. However, Imperial Germany had success on the Eastern Front;

4. Distribution of Protestants and Catholics in Imperial Germany.

5. In 1914 Imperial Germany accounted for three quarters of the trade of Liberia.

6. During World War I he considered Imperial Germany to be Poland’s main enemy.

7. Saverne was conquered by Imperial Germany after the Franco-Prussian War.

8. It can ruin the losers, such as Napoleonic France, or Imperial Germany in 1918.

9. This page lists Colonial Ministers of Imperial Germany.

10. In Imperial Germany (1871–1918) attitudes to sex work were ambivalent.

11. Dehn was born to a Jewish family in Hamburg, Imperial Germany.

12. In 1871 it was included in Imperial Germany and was subject to Germanisation.

13. in Imperial Germany (Jägers, Landwehr and marines);

14. As an RNR officer, he wanted to join in the fight against Imperial Germany.

15. Two Taube airplanes had been shipped in crates from Imperial Germany.

16. SM U-103 was an Imperial Germany Navy Type U 57 U-boat of the First World War.

17. In Imperial Germany, people had been drawn into blind nationalism.

18. From 1894 until 1901 he was the Russian military attaché in Imperial Germany.

19. In this sense, the Jesuit specter haunted imperial Germany."

20. The Alsace (German: Elsaß) region was then part of Imperial Germany.

21. Paasikivi cabinet had been leaning towards Imperial Germany.

22. when the territory was colonised by Imperial Germany.

23. Born in 1898, Mikosch volunteered for the army of Imperial Germany in 1914.

24. Paul Priem (born 11 March 1893 in Posen, Imperial Germany;

25. It was founded amid the ensuing Kulturkampf in Imperial Germany.

26. He retired in 1854 and died in Neisse, Silesia, Imperial Germany in 1872.

27. The King of Prussia was also Kaiser of Imperial Germany from 1871 to 1918.

28. He was born Johann Schmitz in Krefeld, Prussia, in Imperial Germany.

29. In 1915 the UK was at war with Imperial Germany;

30. The Whites won the war with the support of Imperial Germany.