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Ibn Khaldun in a sentence

1. It later became one of the sources of Ibn Khaldun in his history.

2. Ibn Khaldun (ابن خلدون) means "son of Khaldun".

3. The text of Ibn Khaldun says "Gao, at this time is devastated".

4. and Ibn Khaldun, a pioneer in the philosophy of history.

5. The elderly Ibn Khaldun was placed under arrest.

6. Ibn Khaldun outlines an early example of political economy.

7. Public recognition of Ibn Khaldun has increased in recent years.

8. The famed Ibn Khaldun taught at Al-Azhar starting in 1383.

9. the text of Ibn Khaldun's (1332–1406) Prolegomena;

10. The famous Muslim historian Ibn Khaldun discredited this claim.

11. Ibn Khaldun mentions the number of elephants as 5,000.

12. In that year, she was, according to Ibn Khaldun, 127 years old.

13. He was the president of the Ibn Khaldun Society.

14. Ibn Khaldun identified the Zenata as Berbers.

15. Ash-Shihr is also mentioned by Ibn Khaldun in his al-Muqaddimah.

16. Ibn Khaldun divided the Berbers into the Batr and the Baranis.

17. Ibn Khaldun introduced the labor theory of value.

18. Ibn Khaldun also introduced the labor theory of value.

19. Ibn Khaldun discussed the science of hadith.

20. Ibn Khaldun was also an adherent of environmental determinism.

21. Ibn Khaldun was a critic of the practice of alchemy.

22. Ibn Khaldun calls this state blameworthy.

23. Ibn Khaldun was an influential thinker in philosophy of history.

24. Ibn Khaldun described him in his book Kitab El Ibar.

25. He was a contemporary and acquaintance of Ibn Khaldun.

26. He was a contemporary of Ibn Khaldun.

27. He wrote his dissertation on Ibn Khaldun.

28. Ibn Khaldun speaks of it in his book "History of the Berbers".

29. Ibn Khaldun mentions anecdotes about him.

30. Ibn Khaldun was fatalistic;