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Iamus in a sentence

1. Iamus was the son of Apollo and Evadne.

2. When Iamus reached the age of education, Apollo took him to Olympia and taught him many arts, including the ability to understand and explain the languages of birds.

3. Apis, Idmon, Iamus, Tenerus, Mopsus, Galeus, Telmessus and others were gifted seers.

4. In Greek mythology, Iamus was the son of Apollo and Evadne, a daughter of Poseidon, raised by Aepytus.

5. The infant was found alive lying among violets, and was named Iamus (from ίον, "violet") by Evadne.

6. When he reached his youth, Iamus descended into the waters of Alpheios and invoked Poseidon, his grandfather, and Apollo, his father, asking them to reveal his destiny to him.

7. Iamus later founded the Iamidae, a family of priests from Olympia.

8. Iamus was a son of Apollo and the nymph Evadne.

9. Eventually, he was discovered by passing shepherds who named him Iamus after the violet (ion) bed.

10. The AI Iamus created 2012 the first complete classical album fully composed by a computer.

11. In the field of contemporary classical music, Iamus is the first computer that composes from scratch, and produces final scores that professional interpreters can play.

12. Melomics, the technology behind Iamus, is able to generate pieces in different styles of music with a similar level of quality.

13. This technology has opened the way to truly creative computer-composers, like Iamus and Melomics109.

14. The records produced (Iamus' album and 0music) are in the computer's own style, so they cannot be considered a pastiche or plagiarism of previous works.

15. The Melomics computational system includes two computer clusters: Melomics109 and Iamus, dedicated to popular and artistic music, respectively.

16. Iamus is a computer cluster (a half-cabinet encased in a custom shell) located at Universidad de Málaga.

17. Iamus only composes full pieces of contemporary classical music.

18. Iamus's first full composition, Hello World!, premiered exactly one year after the creation of Opus one, on October 15, 2011.

19. Four of Iamus's works premiered on July 2, 2012, and were broadcast live from the School of Computer Science at Universidad de Málaga as part of the events included in the Alan Turing year.

20. "Hello World!" is a piece of contemporary classical music for clarinet-violin-piano trio composed by Iamus Computer in September 2011.

21. Iamus generates music scores in PDF and the MusicXML format that can be imported in professional editors such as Sibelius and Finale.

22. He continued: To me, it's precisely the musical "genomes", the backbone of the way Iamus programs and produces its pieces, that are the problem.

23. Iamus is the first studio album composed using Iamus, a computer cluster designed by the University of Malaga which creates contemporary classical music.

24. Iamus is arguably the first complete album to be composed solely by a computer and recorded by human musicians.

25. Philip Ball, prolific science author, has written a piece on the album in the interdisciplinary science journal Nature, about Iamus and its role with present methods of music composition.

26. Iamus is a figure in Greek mythology.

27. Iamus may also refer to:

28. It is part of the Spanish Supercomputing Network, and has been designed to increase the computational power provided by Iamus.

29. The other two runners were the Somerville Tattersall Stakes winner Even Top, and the Peter Walwyn-trained outsider Iamus.

30. The music uses musical material drawn from algorithmic procedures, as well as Iamus computer bio-inspired approach to music composition.