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1 If star trails are desired, using a large aperture and higher sensitivity (ISO 200-400) can enhance the brightness of each streak.
2 Represents ISO names for geographic locations (US-NC stands for North Carolina in the United States).
3 difference between an f/1.8 lens and an f/5.6 lens can be the difference between a clean picture of a church at dusk shot at ISO 400 or a grainy image shot at ISO 3200.
4 With each of the GUIs, you can query the VIOS that holds the VM library to see what ISO images are available.
5 The certification is significant in that ISO 27001 mandates specific management controls and requirements to be in place.
6 First, we have to construct an ISO8601 date and set the policy document to expire by it.
7 ANSI participates in almost the entire technical program of both the ISO and the IEC, and administers many key committees and subgroups.
8 These were the NAICS industry categorizations, UNSPC project and service categorizations, and ISO-3166-2 geographic taxonomies.
9 Using a low ISO setting will help reduce the aberrations that can appear when photographing with long exposures.
10 If you would like more details about converting between time zones, see Resources for an article describing the ISO 8601 standard.
11 Major production companies, high-grade leather uppers and pigskin bag, garment leather, the full implementation of ISO9001 quality guarantee system.
12 These are ostensibly measured using the ISO testing regimen (ISO 3308), i in which 35 ml puffs of 2-second duration are drawn from the cigarette every 60 seconds until a fixed butt length is reached.
13 locale name is constructed from a two-letter lowercase ISO country code, optionally followed by an underscore or hyphen and a two-letter uppercase ISO language code.
14 EN ISO 287-1 Qualification Test of Welders-Fusion Welding-Part 1: steels.
15 The selection of raw materials such as iso- cyanate, polyol and silicone etc, and the ratio of isocyanate and hydroxy are the main factors affecting the properties of SPU sealant.
16 value LANG=de_DE (German) will cause output to be formatted in ISO 8859-1.
17 Program mode is essentially an automatic mode that lets you have some control over some settings-like ISO sensitivity or whether to use flash.
18 With REST-AJAX Web applications, you can use DataPower to perform client-side validations via ISO Schematron or XPATH, which can further reduce latency while decreasing load on the application server.
19 SO I downloaded the ISO, burned it onto disc, and rebooted my machine.
20 Standards, such as ISO2788 (see Resources), are used by vocabulary creators to establish the set of terms for a particular categorization hierarchy.
21 Some users only need the ISO charge type itself; some users need both the ISO charge type and some of its three associations.
22 With regard to delivering IT service, there are subsequent, more detailed standards that come into play, such as TOGAF, ISO/IEC 20000, CMMI, COBIT and Six Sigma.
23 The ISO standard is expected to be finalised in 2012, and the GHG Protocol standards will be released in September.
24 Flash or strobe light lets you photograph in dark places without having to increase your camera's ISO setting or use a tripod, as long as the subject is within the range of your light.
25 Crack and blister forming, as well as the flaking (also for one layer systems), are not allowed (ISO 4628) during warrantee period.
26 Conclusions: There iso significant association between 3 SNPs of CRP gene and essential hypertension. The ca haplotype may contribute to protection for hypertension.
27 VDM modifies the hardware Settings of the cloned VM based on the configurations defined in VM deployment task file; it will create a CD-ROM device to mount the ISO file created in step 3.
28 This will give you full control over the focus, exposure, aperture and ISO Settings.
29 Release Numbering should follow an industry standard like the International Organization for Standards (ISO).
30 By setting this to the name or ISO code of your country, the appropriate electricity factor will be taken into account automatically.