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No. sentence
1 When Hypseus tried to kill the hero by a spear, Apollo directed the spear towards the charioteer of Amphiaraus instead.
2 The nymph Creusa bore him one son, Hypseus, who was King of the Lapiths, and three daughters, Menippe (mother of Phrastor by Pelasgus), Daphne and Stilbe.
3 Some sources state that he was the father of Cyrene, alternately known as his granddaughter through Hypseus.
4 As recorded in Pindar's ninth Pythian ode, Cyrene was the daughter of Hypseus, king of the Lapiths, although some myths state that her father was actually the river-god Peneus and she was a nymph rather than a mortal.
5 Cyrene was a Thessalian princess, the daughter of Hypseus.
6 Pindar describes her in his Pythian Ode: And by Hypseus was reared this maid, Cyrene of the lovely arms.
7 And Aphrodite of the silver feet welcomed this guest from Delos, laying the touch of her light hand upon his god-built car, and o'er the sweet bliss of their bridal she spread love's shy and winsome modesty, plighting in joint wedlock the god and maiden daughter of wide-ruling Hypseus...That very day saw the decision, and in a chamber of rich gold in Libya they lay together.
8 In Greek mythology, the name Hypseus (/ˈhɪpsiəs/; Ancient Greek: Ὑψεύς "one on high", derived from hypsos "height") may refer to:
9 So, in the back-story of the myth of Aristaeus, Hypseus, a king of the Lapiths, married Chlidanope, a naiad, who bore him Cyrene.
10 In Greek mythology, Antiphus or Ántiphos (/an'tĭfŭs/; Ancient Greek: Ἄντιφος) is a name attributed to multiple individuals: The name Antiphus is not to be confused with Antiphōs (Ἀντίφως), which refers to a soldier in the army of the Seven Against Thebes who killed Chromis but was himself killed by Hypseus.
11 In Greek mythology, Themisto (/θəˈmɪstoʊ/; Ancient Greek: Θεμιστώ), daughter of Hypseus, was the third and last wife of Athamas.