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Huguenot in a sentence

1. Fears of Huguenot reprisals grew.

2. His surname is of Huguenot origin.

3. Du Pont was a Huguenot.

4. He died a Huguenot martyr.

5. The Huguenot Monument.

6. He is of French Huguenot heritage;

7. He was of Huguenot descent.

8. She is of Huguenot descent.

9. Bullant was a Huguenot.

10. The school mascot is the Huguenot.

11. Huguenot, New York may refer to:

12. The family was of Huguenot origin.

13. He was a Huguenot.

14. Disosway is of Huguenot ancestry.

15. He was French born Huguenot.

16. Roger was born a French Huguenot.

17. Huguenot, winner of 19 races;

18. Huguenot may also refer to:

19. the family was of Huguenot origin.

20. He was a Huguenot protestant.

21. Her father was a fleeing Huguenot.

22. nicknamed "the Huguenot";

23. His mother was of Huguenot origin.

24. He was from a Huguenot family.

25. Marquois was a Huguenot.

26. He was of Huguenot descent.

27. Gorenflo is a Huguenot surname.

28. He was a Huguenot.

29. He was a French Huguenot.

30. Huguenot churchyard near there.