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1 In The Problem of Political Authority: An Examination of the Right to Coerce and the Duty to Obey, Michael Huemer defends philosophical anarchism and argues that "both kinds of 'anarchism' [i.e. philosophical and political anarchism] are philosophical and political claims".
2 Libertarian philosopher Michael Huemer argues that very few people find Rand's ideas convincing, especially her ethics, which he believes are difficult to interpret and may lack logical coherence.
3 Disney made story writers Joe Grant and Dick Huemer gather a preliminary selection of music and along with Stokowski, Taylor, and the heads of various departments, discussed their ideas.
4 According to Huemer all Fishinger "did was little triangles and designs ... it didn't come off at all.
5 Layout artist Tom Codrick created what Dick Huemer described as "brilliantly colored thumbnails" from preliminary storyboard sketches using gouache paints, which featured bolder use of color and lighting than any previous Disney short.
6 In 1924, animator, Dick Huemer came to The Inkwell Studio and redesigned "The Clown" for more efficient animation.
7 Huemer's new design and experience as an Animator moved them away from their dependency on The Rotoscope for fluid animation.
8 In addition to defining the clown, Huemer established the Fleischer style with its distinctive thick and thin ink lines.
9 In addition, Huemer created Ko-Ko's companion, Fitz the Dog, who would evolve into Bimbo in 1930.
10 "The Clown" had no name until 1924, when Dick Huemer came aboard after animating on the early "Mutt and Jeff" cartoons.
11 Huemer created Ko-Ko's canine companion, known as Fitz, and moved the Fleischers away from their dependency on the Rotoscope for fluid animation, leaving it for special uses and reference points where compositing was involved.
12 Because Max valued Huemer's work, he instructed Huemer to make just the key poses and have an assistant fill in the remaining drawings.
13 Max assigned Art Davis as Huemer's assistant and this was the beginning of the animation position of "inbetweener", which was essentially another Fleischer "invention" that resulted in efficient production and was adopted by the entire industry by the 1930s.
14 Huemer created Ko-Ko's canine companion, Fitz.
15 Most importantly, Huemer set the drawing style that gave the series its distinctive look.
16 The illustration at the heading is an example by Huemer.
17 While the lives of those in B are worse than those in A, there are more of them and thus the collective value of B is greater than A. Michael Huemer also argues that the repugnant conclusion is not repugnant and that normal intuition is wrong.
18 He claims that on the face of it, it may not be absurd to think that B is better than A. Suppose, then, that B is in fact better than A, as Huemer argues.
19 Variants arising from varying dialectal pronunciation of the surname include Hueber, Huemer, Humer, Haumer, Huebmer and (anglicized) Hoover.