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No. sentence
1 He should be in my house now.
2 He ordered us out of the house.
3 He bustled her out of the hot house.
4 He screwed out of the house.
5 We boxed the house and garden in with fences.
6 She huffed off the house when her mother scolded her.
7 Then he slowly walked past the house.
8 have to draw on our savings if we buy a house.
9 Before sweeping the house she bound up her hair in a large handkerchief.
10 I can't date that house exactly, but it must be very old.
11 I redirected his letters to his new house.
12 His mother came to keep house for them.
13 Mother is always bustling around the house.
14 Trees encircle the house.
15 All this begs the question: could they ever bear to move house?
16 If they try to make us leave the house, we will fight back with all the power at our command.
17 The lady of the house had no difficulty in partnering off her beautiful daughter for the evening with a smart young man.
18 You have to reflect on how to answer his questions before you get to his house.
19 of all editions of his work published by the Black Sparrow Press are held at Western Michigan University, which purchased the archive of the publishing house after its closure in 2003.
20 must be eaten inside one house; take none of the meat outside the house.
21 We shall have to fix the house up before we can sell it.
22 His dad taught him since a young age, so he knows how to build a house, he can wire up any office, he can build a computer from nothing, and fix a car.
23 He drew a diagram to show us how to get to his house.
24 It no longer enjoys the heady atmosphere of liberty that swirled outside its opera house in 1830, intoxicating the demonstrators whose protests set the Belgians on the road to independence.
25 They've decided to buy the house in the country.
26 They stinted for years to buy their own house.
27 go and view the house before we buy it.
28 You should look at that house before you decide to buy it.
29 The last thing he wants to do is to cocoon all weekend in that same house.
30 She incurred the wrath of Fidel, who refused to visit her house, saying it was "surrounded by worms".