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No. sentence
1 You’ll cruise through gorgeous countryside on a Honda Goldwing 1800 by day, and stay in luxury hotels and tuck into fine Provençal cuisine by night.
2 A Honda spokesman said the company will continue to use its Guangzhou plant as an export base.
3 Liao li, a worker at Honda Lock for three years, said workers weren't satisfied with the increase and "a lot of people couldn't believe the outcome."
4 Companies such as Honda crushed the British motorcycle industry by offering higher quality as well as lower prices; Sony and Panasonic did the same to American makers of radios and television sets.
5 No matter how much we explain ourselves, some people are completely baffled by our family, like the Honda salesman we visited when we were shopping for a minivan.
6 At the motor show, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, BMW, Nissan and Chrysler all revealed their intentions to make diesel engines available in their American cars.
7 The strike at the Honda plant could hardly have happened without official acquiescence.
8 This custom bike by CRD Motorcycles, dubbed “Brownie”, is built on the 1980 Honda CB750, one of the more popular and respected bikes of its era.
9 In carmaking, for instance, Japan has Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, Mazda and Subaru. South Korea mainly has Hyundai.
10 He said Honda would have to undertake extra projects to meet the requirements, despite its recent focus on more environmentally friendly electric-gasoline hybrid vehicles.
11 When they hit the road the next day, heading home, she sat as far as possible from her husband, in the third row of seats in their Honda Odyssey minivan.
12 Honda says a new six-speed automatic transmission will help the next-generation Odyssey achieve up to 28 MPG on the highway.
13 I got into my Honda Odyssey minivan and drove to practice, I was just another pom-pom girl again.
14 As a testament to the diversity of today's corporate interests, Honda Trading America also has a division that exports foodstuffs and compressed hay to the Far East.
15 Proud in my Ibiza memories, I kicked the Honda alive.
16 Right now, we pay $1, 888 a year to insure Gerry's 1994 Honda Accord, my 2003 Ford F-150 pickup truck and Gerry's 'antique' 1989 Ford Mustang.
17 A tragic earthquake and a steroidal yen have wreaked havoc on the bottom lines of major firms Honda and Toyota.
18 The company says owners should take their vehicle to an authorised dealer as soon as they receive notification from Honda.
19 That said, the process is fraught with some risks. First of all, the stagnant wage growth was not limited to Foxconn and Honda.
20 Tourists were warned to keep away from the lawless border areas, but we viewed the warnings more as an invitation, and set off to explore on rented Honda Dream motorbikes.
21 Aston Martin is axing 600 jobs at Gaydon in Warwickshire while GKN, the car and aircraft parts company, is shedding more than 500 jobs and Honda has shut its Swindon plant for four months.
22 by BMW, which owned MG Rover for a while, and with an excellent engine designed by Honda, the 75 has a fine pedigree.
23 Toyota, Honda and Nissan have been joined by Hyundai and its sister brand Kia in a fragmented market where seven manufacturers each have more than 5% of the market (see chart).
24 Honda have said no to me in the past and that relationship was very different to the one between me and Yamaha.
25 Honda, he said, exists “in a sort of restless, uneasy state, which enables it to get a great deal out of its people and itself as an entity”.
26 Honda hopes that by 2020 the robot will be cheap enough, and capable enough, to help pensioners and nurses with simple tasks.
27 Daimler, Hyundai, Honda and Toyota have all announced plans in recent months to have fuel-cell vehicles available for the consumer market by 2015.
28 The Honda workers are unusual, he says, because many of them are "interns" sent by technical colleges.
29 Honda aircraft now plans to fly the aircraft in January 2010 and receive certification and begin delivery by late 2011.
30 Toyota and Honda aren’t going to stop building cars, but both see a big market for robots.