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Hollande in a sentence

91. French president François Hollande highlighted Weizsäcker's "moral stature."

92. Hollande lived in the United States in the summer of 1974 as a university student.

93. former presidents Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande were also in attendance.

94. And he was very attached to his department of Corrèze," emphasized Hollande.

95. In the final round of voting, Hollande won the nomination with 56.6% of the vote.

96. In 2014, François Hollande described him as "the world's greatest living artist."

97. The opening concert was attended by François Hollande, the President of France.

98. The signing took place during the visit of French President Francois Hollande.

99. On the night of his defeat, he endorsed François Hollande for the second round.

100. However, President François Hollande had a good relationship with Pope Francis.

101. In May 2012, he took the official portrait of French President François Hollande.

102. Hollande accused Sarkozy of dividing the French and failing to lower unemployment.

103. Piketty was unimpressed by Hollande's tenure, later describing him as "hopeless".

104. François Hollande was elected as First Secretary, defeating Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

105. Former president François Hollande is an atheist with a Catholic upbringing.

106. Hollande solution is a version of Bouin solution that contains copper acetate.

107. Emmanuel Macron became President on 14 May 2017, succeeding François Hollande.

108. Mr Hollande paid tribute to the soldier and other troops allied troops in Mali.

109. French president François Hollande visited Théo in the hospital on 7 February.

110. François Hollande, the President of France, condemned the attack as "cowardly".

111. « De Nulgraad van het Schilderen Janneke Wesseling", April 15, 1994, Hollande.

112. François Hollande said ISIL organised the attacks with help from inside France.

113. President François Hollande says the election "opens a period of uncertainty.

114. French President François Hollande announced the attack was terrorist in nature.

115. French president François Hollande visited Théo in the hospital on 7 February.

116. He has also treated French President François Hollande at the Élysée Palace.

117. Hollande later reiterated that the French government did not choose Reliance.

118. This time, Mr Hollande has urged unity, and reached out to his defeated rival.

119. When Mr Hollande was elected two years ago, the economy was already in trouble.

120. President Hollande wants the law enacted by June. Hugh Schofield is in Paris.