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Hollande in a sentence

31. Socialist François Hollande won election in 2012 as president.

32. President Hollande announced a reform of the system in 2016.

33. Hollande demanded apologies and the resignation of the Prime Minister;

34. As President, Hollande pursued reform to the pension system in France.

35. Hollande was raised Catholic, but became an agnostic later in life.

36. The award was given by the French President François Hollande.

37. His Voyage de Flandre et de Hollande, commencé le 26 avril 1681.

38. François Hollande was first and Martine Aubry was second.

39. The 2016 recipient was French President, François Hollande.

40. In July 2014, French President François Hollande paid a visit to Chad.

41. French President François Hollande was the chief guest at the 67th.

42. Bayrou announced on 3 May that he would vote for Hollande.

43. The Aubryists supported François Hollande's leadership.

44. He was the author of two books about François Hollande.

45. They were received by the President François Hollande.

46. Hollande had already made public his own support for Royal's campaign.

47. It details her relationship with Hollande and their breakup.

48. Hollande began his pre campaign in Lorient on 27 June 2009.

49. Both Sarkozy and Francois Hollande condemned the attacks.

50. Manuel Valls was chosen by Hollande to form the next cabinet.

51. The following are the trips made by President Hollande in 2017:

52. French president François Hollande was also present at the summit.

53. François Hollande then went on to win the presidential election.

54. Hollande laughed and the two leaders kissed each other.

55. Hollande said, "The attack bears the hallmarks of a terrorist attack."

56. On 14 November, Hollande announced three days of national mourning.

57. On 13 November, President Hollande declared the state of emergency.

58. Hollande also confirmed a state visit to Argentina in February 2016.

59. Mahjoubi left the company in 2012 to work on the Hollande campaign.

60. That Mr Hollande topped first-round voting was no surprise.