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Hol in a sentence

1. Hol or HOL may refer to:

2. Tar pasöt xiai dekhot mosto akal hol.

3. uncoþu, hol &

4. Weapons in HoL can be anything;

5. and Esther Hol, Hawkman's mother.

6. HOL Light and Isabelle.

7. "Frau Holle" (/ˌfraʊ ˈhɒl/ HOL;

8. He was born in Hol.

9. Coat of arms of Hol.

10. Katar Hol appeared in Superman &

11. The second name is Holąd Pruski.

12. Hol Chan is Mayan for "little channel".

13. Holýšov is twinned with: Town museum.

14. HoL Team (4 November 2007).

15. Dagali is located in Hol municipality.

16. There are two kinds of Sompot Hol;

17. She was born in Hol.

18. Holøs did not have higher education.

19. Holík, Haas – Keinonen.

20. Holík – Heindl, Bayes.

21. Vincour assisted on Holík's equalizer.

22. Its Slovak equivalent is Holúbek.

23. Hol is a surname.

24. Popol Hol was a major builder.

25. Popol Hol's body has not been found.

26. Olav. Jón Ögmundsson of Holár

27. He was born in Holštejn.

28. Holúbek is a Slovak surname.

29. Hol died in Meerssen, October 15, 1964.

30. Yes, I am John Hol land.