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No. sentence
1 In Arizona, for example, 83% of the elderly are white and 42% of those under 25 are Hispanic.
2 A working-class Hispanic woman is far more likely to be a single mother than her white and wealthy counterpart, yet the male-female happiness gap holds in East Hampton and East L.A. alike.
3 Boys scored higher than girls at all grades. Whites and Asians outpaced African-American and Hispanic students. Low-income students posted the lowest scores.
4 mother of the boy who teased me complained that the only Hispanic in the class, the girl who had just learned English, had taken the prize from her son.
5 I had the option of cutting my hair, but a person who is black, Hispanic, or of Asian descent cannot hide the way he looks (nor should he have to).
6 The Clintons are now eager to make Mr. Obama into a Rev. Jackson-style "black candidate" as they contest primaries with a larger share of white and Hispanic voters than there were in South Carolina.
7 In the sublime churches of Hispanic America I discovered how deeply imbued I am with the culture of Catholicism...
8 I know now that Chinese and Hispanic people stand so their grand-children can sit on buses, something I, as a European, find shocking.
9 They also had a racial/ethnic background typical of the multiethnic Los Angeles area, with a mix of Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, African-American, and mixed-race individuals.
10 Still, around 70% of the academy's students come from low-income families, and around 95% are either Hispanic or African-American.
11 Late last year came a significant but little-noticed announcement: probably for the first time, half of all Hispanic children in America were born out of wedlock.
12 If the deal is not approved, Mr. Bush told the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce that it would send a signal to Latin America that the United States can not be trusted to stand by its Allies.
13 But we will say, as a general rule, we believe this person could be a white individual or a black or African-American individual, or perhaps Hispanic, Native American.
14 Older male Hispanic adolescents were the most likely to believe their lives would be cut short.
15 clear to me than when I was sitting in a waiting room at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital inNew York City, staring straightintothis Hispanic woman’seyes, she into mine.
16 So we have one mistake, one pronunciation that is common to many English accents, and two or three pronunciations that are markedly Hispanic, but hardly impossible to understand.
17 We do not know how to close the gap in reading, science and math between Anglo and Asian students and black and Hispanic students.
18 it makes it easier for the city's large Hispanic population to rise into the middle class.
19 More than half of all young Hispanic children in families headed by a single mother are living below the federal poverty line, compared with 21% being raised by a married couple.
20 In 1979, a black insurance agent was beaten to death by white and Hispanic police officers.
21 At most, his speech is a promissory note, a reminder to America's Hispanic voters that they can at some point count on the Democrats to do the right thing.
22 For example, Hispanic youth, mobilized in support of immigrants rights, may not have computers but many have mobile phones, allowing savvy organizations to keep in touch with them via text messages.
23 Among black women, half of first marriages end in divorce, a rate that is far greater those for white, Hispanic and Asian women.
24 Like type 2 diabetes, it occurs more often in African Americans, American Indians, Hispanic Americans, and among women with a family history of diabetes.
25 It is the largest city in America with a Hispanic majority. Some 60% of its residents are Latino, mostly Mexican-American, and more than 40% speak Spanish at home.
26 The Pew survey also found that Hispanic immigrants are more likely than U.S.-born Hispanics to know the census cannot be used to determine whether someone is in the U.S. illegally.
27 This time we want to talk about the crumbling schools that are stealing the future of black children and white children and Asian children and Hispanic children and Native American children.
28 Alvarez wants to see at least one college-educated person in every Hispanic family in America.
29 The authors find no statistically significant effect for girls who are Hispanic and no effect (significant or otherwise) for girls who are Black.
30 Without some form of intervention, researchers worry, large Numbers of black and Hispanic children in the United States will grow up overweight or obese and lead shorter, less fulfilling lives.