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1 Villagers used to buy many of the fruits and vegetables needed for this Hindu ceremony.
2 Hindu devotee wraps a piece of clothing around himself after a ritual dip in the polluted Yamuna river in New Delhi in 2010.
3 bureaucratic aversion to nomadism and a Victorian relish for the Hindu caste system, they adjudged many Indian tribesmen, Pardhis included, to be preordained crooks.
4 LUCKNOW, India (Reuters) - Thousands of people flocked to temples across India on Monday following reports that idols of Hindu gods were drinking milk given by devotees as sacred offerings.
5 You might think that the word “Hindu” has a suspiciously similar sound, and you’d be right; it evolved in the same way.
6 They carried their belongings in five open carts built from acacia and teak and decorated with lotus-blossom carvings, brass studs, and painted Hindu swastikas.
7 Hindu pushups. (Video.)
8 Deep in a trance, Baryo, a Hindu holy man, blesses offerings bound for Mount Bromo.
9 dung is traditionally used as a fuel and disinfectant in villages, while cow urine and dung are often consumed in rituals to "purify" those on the bottom rungs of the Hindu caste system.
10 In a sacred pool on the slopes of Mount Penanggungan, men bathe beside statues of Sri and Lakshmi, the consorts of the Hindu god Vishnu.
11 sacred pool on the slopes of Java's Mount Penanggungan, men bathe beside statues of Sri and Lakshmi, the consorts of the Hindu god Vishnu.
12 body is transcended and the soul is made pure by mortification of the flesh-including piercings with these needles-in the annual Hindu fire-walking ceremony on Viti Levu Island in Fiji.
13 Compared with the Hindu nationalists, Congress in fact seems quite perky. The reason why is not obvious.
14 Artisan skills will be lost; so will local cultures; and perhaps, too, some of the stability, vile discrimination withal, in India's traditional Hindu society.
15 Mughal architecture built on the traditional Hindu architecture with influences from the Persian world.
16 That rumour spread across the globe and there were reports of Hindu deities drinking milk in London, New York and Italy.
17 I would like to see a place where the dreams of young people are attainable" he says "where there is a church and a Hindu temple where other religions can exist."
18 curious attempt made by Hindu orthodoxy to revive its prestige with the help of western science soon spread all over the country.
19 when the Hindu Mela was an annual institution and there his song "Ashamed am I to sing of India's glories" used to be sung.
20 Mr Hayden points to cases where the British just held the ring, until independence allowed a local group, usually Hindu, to gain the upper hand.
21 Hindu prince wanted to join India, but most of his people wanted union with neighboring Pakistan.
22 She is five years older than him. Other than that, more significant, perhaps, is that they're an interfaith couple-her family is Catholic and his is Hindu.
23 People also attend bonfires to commemorate the story ofPrahlada, a Hindu figure and devout follower of Lord Vishnu whoprevailed over his father and the demoness Holika with the power of hisdevotion.
24 Coincidentally, the most of Hindu population in Indonesia are located in Bali.
25 Nearly a decade after the 9/11 attacks, his last remaining safe havens in the Hindu Kush are under attack, and U.S. soldiers patrol the streets of Kandahar and Baghdad.
26 A light installation depicts Hindu Yogic posture at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium during the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi October 3, 2010.
27 In order to fight off oppression, the idea of a unifying Vedic force which defined the essence of Hinduism was intensely propagated by Hindu reformers.
28 A city of northeast India south of Patna. The surrounding area is sacred to Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims. Population, 247,075.
29 PATNA, India - a school principal fatally stabbed a Hindu nationalist lawmaker while he was meeting with some of his supporters Tuesday at his residence in an eastern Indian state, police said.
30 Hindu women leave the Rameswari temple after offering prayers during the Pongal festival in Rameswaram, in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Thursday, Jan. 14, 2010.