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Herring Cove in a sentence

1. It is the site of the Roosevelt Campobello International Park and of Herring Cove Provincial Park.

2. At the intersection of Dentith Road and Herring Cove Roads, for example, a hotel existed.

3. It includes Spryfield, Herring Cove, Sambro, and Harrietsfield.

4. She was built in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia (then known as Herring Cove) over the winter of 1799-1800.

5. Rover was built at Brooklyn, Nova Scotia, then called Herring Cove, across the harbour from Liverpool, Nova Scotia.

6. It is located in the Halifax Regional Municipality and connects Armdale with Herring Cove.

7. Afterwards and until Village Road in Herring Cove, it is known as John Brackett Drive.

8. The last stretch in Herring Cove is known as Hebridean Drive.

9. It connects with Herring Cove, Nova Scotia, about 12 km linear or about 20 km road distance away.

10. Some connections north from Pennant Point are actually made through Herring Cove.

11. The communities of Pennant Point, Herring Cove and Beaver Harbour are landing sites for fibre optic Trans-Atlantic cables.

12. Herring Cove Provincial Park is a provincial park located on Campobello Island, New Brunswick.

13. She only served for a year before being wrecked off of Herring Cove, Nova Scotia on 16 November 1797.

14. A cairn and bronze plaque in Herring Cove mark the site and the nearby mass grave of her victims.

15. Salvors recovered Tribune's bell in the 19th century and presented it to St. Paul's Catholic church in Herring Cove.

16. There is a municipally-run Chocolate Lake Recreation Centre on the opposite side of Herring Cove Road.

17. The Dartmouth plant came online on July 10, 2008 and the Herring Cove plant was expected to open in late fall 2008.

18. There are two schools in Herring Cove, William King Elementary and Herring Cove Junior High.

19. Michael O'Power was granted a 90-hectare land grant in 1749 on the eastern side of Herring Cove.

20. In 1777, during the American Revolution, 11 fishermen from Herring Cove captured 7 American privateers.

21. Popular events include the annual Herring Cove Polar Bear Dip, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2019.

22. Herring Cove during the early Spring.

23. Herring Cove during the early Spring.

24. The area surrounding Herring Cove at sunset.

25. A memorial plaque at Herring Cove.

26. Long Pond is a lake in Herring Cove, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

27. The station is owned by City Church of Halifax on Herring Cove Road.

28. It is the site of the Roosevelt Campobello International Park and of Herring Cove Provincial Park.

29. On November 16, 1797, the frigate HMS Tribune was wrecked during a southerly gale off Herring Cove.

30. George Brown (February 7, 1839 at Herring Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada –