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No. sentence
1 I sit next to you?" Henry sits on the rock.
2 Henry won a gold watch from the opponent.
3 But Mad Henry plucked the lass out of the pool of blood surrounding her dead husband and carried her out into the thundering night.
4 Henry planked down the package.
5 She slid her hand under his T-shirt, danced her fingers lightly on his stomach and up over his chest, and Henry kept his eyes closed, not wanting to know whether it was his wife or her sister.
6 As founder Henry Ford, like small animals, so the sign painted in English designers of the Ford looks like a little rabbit pattern.
7 Henry wanted to ask Sue on a date, but then he chickened out.
8 When Henry's father and I were together, I heard the way he talked to Henry on the phone, asking him questions, telling him stories, his voice alternately tender and amused.
9 the Pope duly granted, and in 1262 Henry renounced his oaths to abide by the terms of the provisions.
10 Henry VIII ripped England away from Catholicism to divorce his first wife and marry the witty and sophisticated Anne Boleyn.
11 When it comes to singling out those who have made a difference in all our lives, you cannot overlook Henry Ford.
12 Henry palmed himself off as a millionaire.
13 On a bitterly cold afternoon in early January 2003, I found my husband Henry on his back, spreadeagled on the kitchen floor.
14 I lookback again but I don’t see Henry and Daddy says, “Go on, now, Clare, go back tobed,” and he kisses my forehead.
15 Many great examples of Kennedy and Churchill Henry V and so on.
16 Today in 1854, Henry David Thoreau released his nuanced and readable account of two years that he spent largely alone in a cabin near Concord, Massachusetts.
17 Lieutenant Frederic Henry and English nurse Catherine Barkley have to face the fact that death can make its presence known off the battlefield as well as on.
18 a ten-year old king of England, Henry VI, travelled from London to Paris to be crowned king of France in Notre Dame cathedral.
19 In early 1990, I named Henry Oliver, a retired FBI agent and former chief of police in Fort Smith, as Betsey's successor.
20 I wondered if Henry and Gates had really dated and, if so, whether any tension of either the good or bad sort lingered between them.
21 story of how Henry IV's head became the subject of a forensic investigation can be traced to 1589, when his predecessor, Henry III, was assassinated by a fanatical monk.
22 Eventually, 50, 000 concerned citizens sign its petition, and even Walter Cronkite gets hoodwinked-until it's discovered that Prout is actually comedian Buck Henry.
23 Their son, William, and Henry's illegitimate son, Geoffrey, were born just months apart. Henry fathered other illegitimate children throughout the marriage.
24 And when Henry Ford was experimenting with car engines a century ago, he tried ethanol out as a fuel.
25 Henry successfully distinguished between the flat and cylindrical paddles, the flat and undulating paddles and the undulating and cylindrical paddles.
26 Dr Hanke and Mr Wieskotten then tested Henry with the wakes of paddles of different shapes: triangular, cylindrical, flat and undulating.
27 As always, I had the whole backseat to myself, so I lay down and watched the tall buildings along Lake Shore Drive flicking past the window. "Sit up, Henry" said Mom.
28 As always, I had the whole backseat to myself, so I lay down and watched the tall buildings along Lake Shore Drive flicking past the window. "Sit up, Henry" said Mom. "We're here."
29 makes me laugh now, as the chief passion of Henry at 13 is college football.
30 Red eyes gleaming, Mad Henry drew a silver-bladed knife and casually cut the bridegroom's throat from ear to ear.