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No. sentence
1 Hence, if certain logic touches on the business specific aspects of a solution, it should typically be located elsewhere.
2 Hence, everyone pasted red couplets and images of the door Gods on walls and doors, hung red lanterns and set off firecrackers to scare the monster away.
3 Mainly because the precise definition of trafficking, and hence of trafficking victims, is in reality quite difficult-whether you are a policeman or a moral philosopher.
4 Hence the contorted spectacle of a party preparing for power at a time when the markets are challenging its every orthodoxy.
5 Hence, some or all the clusters of Figure 7 can be of the dynamic variety.
6 He describes how to use class wrapping of the JDBC driver, connection, statement, and result set objects to instrument JDBC, and hence, database calls.
7 Mango is distributed as proprietary software and hence Microsoft has the legal rights to make any changes to the operating system.
8 Other ideas include extracting water and leaving a dry residue for use as fuel or fertiliser, or making latrines into fly traps, hence cutting the spread of disease.
9 Hence, the development approach that is followed is not the classic "waterfall" scenario, where requirements gathering is followed by analysis and design, leading to the implementation of the system.
10 To reduce the attractiveness of something — and hence the amount of willpower required to deny yourself it — move the choice further away.
11 All that growth takes lots of steel and cement and hence pours carbon into the air-but in time it should drive down emissions.
12 The mince pie used to contain meat, hence the filling being called mincemeat, but now is a mixture of dried fruits, spices, fat and brandy.
13 Unlike so often in the past, most currencies do not appear to be notably overvalued and hence prone to collapse; if anything, many are undervalued.
14 Hence, the issue of waste pollution needs to be addressed as one of the priorities that demand social efforts.
15 Notice that all of the components, interfaces, and wires are contained inside the large blue box, and hence will be contained inside our new module project.
16 climate system, which is an important part of Nature, bears significant importance to social development of mankind and hence should be treasured and protected.
17 Without quantum mechanics there would be no transistor, and hence no personal computer; no laser, and hence no Blu-ray players.
18 Diagrams are crucial, since without them, it is difficult to develop an understanding of the model and, hence, the system it represents.
19 Hence embryos from cloned animals, such as those that were used in the present case, are available for import into the UK.
20 Another major reason the pirates are rarely confronted seems to be that they are classified as criminals and not as terrorists and hence are accorded numerous rights.
21 Hence, I firmly believe that if everybody applies what the picture conveys into actual practice, they will surely reap lot more.
22 This means that teams with KERS have less ballast to move around the car and hence have less freedom to vary their car's weight distribution.
23 schema filter applies to all the folders in the tree, and hence only objects belonging to this schema would be displayed in the tree.
24 I built all the required support into my kernel, hence no modules are required.
25 It looks like an oval melon with horns, hence the name.
26 But the problem with all these studies is that they tracked specific genetic lineages, and not the entire genome and, hence, populations.
27 Hence, in addition to good GRE and TOEFL scores, a letter of recommendation from a native speaker of English may be helpful.
28 His team found that exposing mice to the bacteria, and hence activating their immune system, activated clusters of neurons in their brainstem called the dorsal Raphe nuclei.
29 Hence, you should avoid creating a service endpoint that USES a remote reference as a parameter or return value.
30 Hence, you can be terribly angry but still be very much in love.