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1 It is a charge that angers Stratos Paradias, head of the Hellenic property Federation, a group that defends the interests of property owners.
2 Plato, one of the Sophists severest critics viewed them as the enemies of all that was best in Hellenic culture.
3 The human philosophy idea, which is still in the naturalness as like as a wriggled caterpillar in the Ancient Hellenic.
4 Others again see it as a catalyst for the European Renaissance, especially after Hellenic talent was freed from Byzantine dogmatism.
5 Preparations for the Olympic Torch Handover Ceremony are completely in place, Minos Kyriakou, president of the Hellenic Olympic Committee said on Saturday.
6 The front sides of the medals awarded at the Games of the Olympiads feature an image of a Hellenic goddess holding a laurel wreath with the Athens Colosseum in the background.
7 It is, essentially, a rejection of Hellenic intellectualism by the sentimentalism of the North.
8 sales will include the state's 49% stake in the national loss-making railway company OSE, 39% of Hellenic Post, 23% of Thessaloniki water EYATH, and 10% in Athens water EYDAP.
9 state-run company responsible for the venues, Hellenic Olympic Properties, says many of the properties have now been leased.
10 It was simply the last phase of Hellenic culture.
11 of disillusive centuries has permanently displaced the Hellenic idea of life.
12 He has served as Member, Secretary or Chairman of the Greek National Committee for Astronomy and Secretary or President of the Hellenic Astronomical Society.
13 Hellenic tragedy The King Oedipusis wrote by Sophocles, Chinese modern tragedy Thunder Storm is wrote by Cao Yu, and the two writings are famous.
14 huge influence of the Hellenic world.
15 Professional actor Pete Sampras, for instance, is the son of Hellenic immigrants to the US. He began playing as a child, kicking balls opposition the walls in his cellar.
16 Bank of Cyprus, Laiki and Hellenic Bank apparently forgave loans of millions of euros to companies, local authorities and politicians.
17 In describing the interplay between Hellenic and Hebrew culture at the dawning of Christianity, Mr Wade makes exaggerated claims.
18 is typical in terms of his multi-sourced philosophy, Hellenic esthetics and theatrical narrative style.
19 The first part of this exhibition was presented in February 2008 at the Hellenic Centre.
20 The Hellenic educational thoughts laid great emphasis on the development of both society and individual.
21 The fist part pursues the ancient Hellenic consciousness, the spirit mode of west firstly show.
22 the second question, we discussed the similarities of basic drama concepts and differences of evolution course between Chinese traditional drama and Hellenic drama.
23 colony of the Greeks of Thera, Cyrene was one of the principal cities in the Hellenic world.
24 In the pre-Hellenic period, their relationship was described as the one between husband and wife, and there seems to have been a tradition which actually described Artemis as the wife of Apollo.
25 However, this relationship was never sexual but spiritual, which is why they both are seen being unmarried in the Hellenic period.
26 Alexander was awarded the generalship of Greece and used this authority to launch his father's pan-Hellenic project to lead the Greeks in the conquest of Persia.
27 At Corinth, Philip established a "Hellenic Alliance" (modelled on the old anti-Persian alliance of the Greco-Persian Wars), which included most Greek city-states except Sparta.
28 From the 9th century BC, Luwian regions coalesced into a number of states such as Lydia, Caria and Lycia, all of which had Hellenic influence.
29 For the next 600 years, while Imperial possessions in Europe were subjected to barbarian invasions, Anatolia would be the center of the Hellenic world.
30 For Camus, this vision encapsulated the Hellenic humanism which survived among ordinary people around the Mediterranean Sea.