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Halibut in a sentence

1. The Fog Warning, halibut fishing, 1885.

2. It was then the headquarters of the halibut fleet.

3. Halibut is noted for its dense and firm texture.

4. Halibut was part of the third wolf pack.

5. On 26 December Halibut was attacked by an aircraft;

6. Halibut arrived at Pearl Harbor on 1 December.

7. Halibut was decommissioned on 30 June 1976.

8. USS Halibut firing a Regulus missile.

9. Fishery mostly targets salmon, halibut and crab.

10. Longliners bring up halibut and black cod.

11. Halibut is traditional Christmas food.

12. During the war, the value of halibut increased.

13. The main industry is shrimp and halibut fishing.

14. Pacific halibut have diamond-shaped bodies.

15. Halibut have both eyes on their dark upper side.

16. The Atlantic halibut is a right-eyed flounder.

17. Atlantic halibut media from ARKive

18. The same techniques are used for halibut as well.

19. Winge, originally a halibut schooner.

20. fish for halibut or salmon;

21. And if you can't get sole, get halibut."

22. cod 8,998; Greenland halibut 20,831, scallops 121;

23. and seal, whale and shark 15. Greenland halibut.

24. Normally they lived on seal and halibut.

25. Porbeagle;Halibut and Bluefin tuna.

26. She was converted to fish halibut.

27. Halibut was commissioned in January 1960.

28. Halibut in San Francisco in the 1970s.

29. Today we have very good halibut steaks and prawns.

30. Atlantic halibut nervous necrosis virus.