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Haida in a sentence

1. A Haida wolf mask, 1880.

2. The Haida wore rod-and-slat armour.

3. These people became the Haida.

4. She was named for the Haida people.

5. Haida was a member of its ocean escort.

6. Haida was paid off on 20 March 1946.

7. The organization HAIDA Inc.

8. the Kaigani Haida occupy this island.

9. Haida was damaged in the engagement.

10. Haida also has hundreds of classifiers.

11. For this the Haida used Chinook Jargon.

12. This does not exist in Masset Haida.

13. Haida morphology is mostly suffixing.

14. Haida clauses are verb-final.

15. Many Haida died in the battle.

16. Location of Bregl da Haida.

17. Bregl da Haida floorplan and growth.

18. Bregl da Haida foundations.

19. Haida totem pole.

20. (Stanton, J.R., The Haida;

21. Fir is absent on Haida Gwaii.

22. Haida may refer to:

23. Haida mythology.

24. Haida village in Alaska.

25. and Haida people in British Columbia.

26. Haida received a Type 293 in 1946.

27. Umihoozuki (as Haida), 1995.

28. Haida Gwaii, 1884.

29. A Haida war club made from an antler.

30. Haida pursued T27, badly damaging her.