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Hague Congress in a sentence

1. After bitter disputes, the Bakuninists were expelled from the International by the Marxists at the 1872 Hague Congress.

2. The Convention was drafted by the Council of Europe after the Second World War and Hague Congress.

3. In 1920, the Esperanto movement gathered again since the war, at the Hague congress.

4. Addams was elected president of the International Committee of Women for a Permanent Peace, established to continue the work of the Hague Congress;

5. He participated in the Hague Congress in 1948 as president of the Cultural Commission and he was one of the co-founders, in 1949, of the College of Europe.

6. Various groups (including Italian sections, the Belgian Federation and the Jura Federation) rejected Marx's proposition at the 1872 Hague Congress.

7. There have been three events called as the Hague Congress:

8. He organised the 1948 Hague Congress which brought together the two camps of those for a unified Europe and those in favour of a federal Europe.

9. The Hague Congress was the fifth congress of the International Workingmen's Association (IWA), held from 2–7 September 1872 in The Hague, the Netherlands.

10. The Hague Congress is famous for the expulsion of the anarchist Mikhail Bakunin for clashing with Karl Marx and his followers over the role of politics in the IWMA.

11. The Hague Congress met from 2 to 7 September 1872 in The Hague, the Netherlands.

12. After the expulsion of Bakunin and James Guillaume from the Hague Congress, the anarchists declared it null and void.

13. While at the Hague Congress, Helene presented her paper on The Psychology of Mistrust.

14. Churchill also participated in the Hague Congress of 1948, which discussed the future structure and role of a proposed Council of Europe.

15. He represented the international wing at the 1872 Hague Congress and the mechanics of Verviers at the 1873 Geneva Congress.

16. On May 7–11, 1948 the 1948 Hague Congress was organized in The Hague, chaired by Winston Churchill.

17. The Romanian Section of the European Movement was initially headed by Grigore Gafencu, who had remarkable contributions both at the Hague Congress and in the following period.

18. This congress—more commonly known and referred to as the Women's Peace Congress or just the Hague Congress—was a part of the emergent women's peace movement.

19. As the leader of the United Europe Movement he organised the Hague Congress of the European Movement.

20. It rejected the modifications to the General Rules of the IWMA that had been decided at the London Conference (1871) and the Hague Congress (1872).

21. As a founder of the Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE) in 1954, he participated in the organization of the Hague Congress.

22. In 1872, the conflict in the First International climaxed with a final split between the two groups at the Hague Congress.

23. The Hague Congress was notable for the attempted expulsion of Bakunin and Guillaume and for the decision to relocate the General Council to New York City.

24. The anarchists rejected the claim that Bakunin and Guillaume had been expelled and repudiated The Hague Congress as unrepresentative and improperly conducted.

25. She was unable to obtain a visa to attend the Hague Congress of April–May 1915.

26. During this time, she attended the 1948 Hague Congress on behalf of the party, and she stood unsuccessfully in the 1947 Edinburgh East by-election, taking 1,682 votes.

27. The Italians and Errico Malatesta arrived in Zurich during the Hague Congress.

28. The group then resolved to reject as unjust the Hague Congress and its General Council's authoritarianism.

29. The third resolution condemned the Hague Congress's advocacy for a singular path to proletariat social emancipation.

30. The resolutions were bolder in language than the Hague Congress's Minority Declaration, likely on account of Bakunin's presence.