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1 paper studies the application of Hybrid Fiber Amplifier (HFA) in DWDM systems. The HFA is composed of EDFA and FRA that adoptes DCF as its transmitting fiber.
2 That is, it is unclear whether there is a practical benefit in distinguishing AS from HFA and from PDD-NOS;
3 Most students with AS and HFA have average mathematical ability and test slightly worse in mathematics than in general intelligence, but some are gifted in mathematics.
4 The HFA alleges that workers are required to kill up to 1,100 hogs an hour and end up taking their frustration out on the animals.
5 A subsequent fMRI study scanned normally developing adults and adults with HFA while performing a "reading the mind in the eyes" task: viewing a photo of a human's eyes and choosing which of two adjectives better describes the person's mental state, versus a gender discrimination control.
6 A more recent PET study looked at brain activity in individuals with HFA and Asperger syndrome while viewing Heider-Simmel animations (see above) versus a random motion control.