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No. sentence
1 Gustav I of Sweden crowned king of Sweden.
2 Both polls were postponed because of Hurricane Gustav, which pounded Louisiana in September.
3 sloshing over the tops of some levees in New Orleans, but officials say they believe the barriers will hold despite the onslaught from Hurricane Gustav.
4 first explanation of the lateral deflection of a spinning object was credited by Lord Rayleigh to work done by the German physicist Gustav Magnus in 1852.
5 Texas Gulf elevators could have achieved the second highest volume had hurricanes Gustav and Ike not plowed over the Galveston and Houston area where they severely hampered grain export logistics.
6 concept of synchronicity was first described by Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung in the 1920s.
7 Gustav came ashore as a Category Two storm, with winds moving at 175 kilometers per hour. It is expected to lash the city for several hours.
8 LESS than four months ago, Hurricanes Gustav and Ike slammed into western Cuba.
9 hotel in 1935 when Werner Gustav Oloffson, a Swedish sea captain, took over the lease.
10 Huckabee referred to Hurricane Gustav battering the Gulf Coast, in emphasizing the importance of human life.
11 Kirchhoff's current law, described by Gustav Kirchhoff in 1845, states charge input at a node is equal to the charge output.
12 Gustav Horn of IMK reckons that Germany's focus on exports created 400, 000 jobs, but weak demand cost another 1m.
13 Hurricane Gustav pushed Louisiana's congressional elections back by a month, making them the last ones to be held in the country.
14 about 60m/s (134mph) it enters Category Four, the strength at which Hurricane Gustav recently hit Cuba before weakening to Category One over the US coast.
15 More than 2m people were evacuated along the Louisiana coast ahead of Hurricane Gustav.
16 New Orleans faced its first threat of serious flooding since Hurricane Katrina struck three years ago, but Gustav just missed the city.
17 by Gustav Klimt, “Church in Cassone — Landscape With Cypresses, ” brought $43.2 million from another telephone bidder.
18 But the Adele the world came to know was as Gustav Klimt had painted her in 1907.
19 The evening will also pay tribute to precautions taken ahead of Hurricane Gustav, and urge continued efforts to help the Gulf Coast recover from the storm.
20 Vigeland park, there are more than 200 sculptures to admire, all designed and modeled by Gustav Vigeland, after whom the park is named.
21 Gustav von Aschenbach: You must never smile like that. You must never smile like that at anyone.
22 He returned to lead the Swedes to independence, and was later proclaimed King Gustav Vasa.
23 Friedrich Rapp ang Gustav Otto founded two separate aircraft factories that would later merge to form BMW or Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (Bavarian Motor Works).
24 Gustav Klimt, Olbrich, Josef Hoffmann and Koloman Moser founded the Vienna Secession artistic group.
25 Gustav Klimt is representative of European Art Nouveau and one of the important figures in Vienna Secession, Austria.
26 Gustav II Adolf chose Austria. The news was delivered to Bakhchisaray by the Swedish ambassador Benjamin Baron.
27 New Orlean's keeping a close eye on Gustav.
28 Gustav von Aschenbach: in my father's house.
29 Throughout the 20th century, many prominent anarchists (Peter Kropotkin, Emma Goldman, Gustav Landauer and Camillo Berneri) and publications such as Anarchy wrote about matters pertaining to the arts.
30 Alchemical symbolism has been important in depth and analytical psychology and was revived and popularized from near extinction by the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung.