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1 I grew up on the Gulf Coast and my family still lives there and I want you to know that my thoughts and hopes are with you.
2 the only oyster-eaters that might be at risk from oil-tainted food: Many of the oysters for human consumption in the United States come from beds along the Gulf Coast.
3 Olmec pyramids, while well-known, have not been excavated, in part because the high water table and humidity of their Gulf coast sites are not as conducive to preserving buried human remains.
4 Nearly two out of three Americans support the ban, according to one recent poll, but gulf coast residents are split down the middle.
5 Locals in Corpus Christi, a small city on the southern side of the Gulf coast, say this is one reason why their port should become an officially designated delivery point for cotton futures.
6 Blue catfish is native to 20 states, primarily within the Mississippi river Basin but also in rivers along the Gulf Coast.
7 The authors cite as evidence the deluges that hit Mozambique in 2000 and America's Gulf Coast in 2005.
8 Birds will land wherever they have to.” For many gulf coast gulls, terns and cormorants, this has been a lethal mistake.
9 For many gulf coast gulls, terns and cormorants, this has been a lethal mistake.
10 We Americans have been galvanized by the oil spill on our gulf coast, because we see tar balls and Dead Sea birds as visceral reminders of our hubris in deep sea drilling.
11 For the gulf coast states, which are still in recovery after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (2005), and Hurricane Ike (2008), the assessment is ominous.
12 Residents of the Gulf Coast were portrayed for months as innocent victims of a careless corporate polluter's mismanagement.
13 Today, many experts, including members of the Texas Water Development Board, recommend undertaking a major project to ensure future sustainability, such as a desalination plant on the Gulf Coast.
14 any individual claim, we don’t answer to BP. We decide,” says Ken Feinberg, who runs the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.
15 We don't hear much about Haiti or the Gulf Coast on the news these days, but these disasters are in need of much support.
16 Daily maps of oil distribution produced by NOAA show predicted heavier and lighter oil movement near the Gulf coastline.
17 Rising seas threaten 180 U.S. cities by 2100: study a map showing where increases in sea level could affect the southern and Gulf coasts of the U.S..
18 Several protesters were ejected, and fishermen from the us Gulf Coast were refused entry to the meeting, where they'd planned to complain about the continued effects of the pollution.
19 says across the country, Americans are paying more for gasoline - the result of storm-caused disruptions in the operations of refineries and pipelines along the Gulf Coast.
20 Mr. Dudley said that he empathized with Gulf Coast residents. Though he was born in Queens, he grew up in Hattiesburg, Miss. , and spent summers in Biloxi with his family and their sheepdog.
21 Whether Mr. Dudley, a soft-spoken man with a wisp of a Southern accent, can repair BP’s ruptured relationships on the Gulf Coast and in Washington remains to be seen.
22 Five years ago this Sunday Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf coast area and caused massive flooding in New Orleans after levees there failed to protect the low-lying city.
23 Worse, the storm could drive oil in the water up onto the beaches and further into sensitive marshes along the Gulf coast.
24 Most experts had cited only one surviving reference to the date in Mayan glyphs, a stone tablet from the Tortuguero site in the Gulf coast state of Tabasco.
25 Huckabee referred to Hurricane Gustav battering the Gulf Coast, in emphasizing the importance of human life.
26 The evening will also pay tribute to precautions taken ahead of Hurricane Gustav, and urge continued efforts to help the Gulf Coast recover from the storm.
27 along Buffalo bayou in Houston, the Arboretum lies within the Gulf Coastal Plains ecoregion, supporting vast flat prairies that abut wooded ravines associated with bayous and depressions.
28 an hour’s drive north of the Gulf Coast, Jeffrey Norwood, a black college basketball coach, had reservations.
29 one, gasoline prices on the East Coast and even in the Gulf Coast track the price of Brent crude, which analysts view as a better indicator of global prices than Nymex.
30 With floodwaters stretching clear across the gulf coast state of tabasco and food and drinking water scarce, health officials warned against cholera and other waterborne diseases.