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No. sentence
1 A shifting flock of flamingos assumes a whimsical shape in the Gulf of Mexico.
2 It is also pressing ahead with its military missile programme, frequently testing weapons capable of reaching Israel, US bases in the Gulf and parts of south-east Europe.
3 The financial traffic between the two countries also produced a terrible wreck last year-one of the worst in the history of banking in the Gulf.
4 China and the Gulf states have been fascinated for some time by Africa, and there is no reason why this should end.
5 NASA's imaging satellites captured pictures of the Gulf the next day, showing a plume of smoke spreading eastward from the still-smoldering rig.
6 I grew up on the Gulf Coast and my family still lives there and I want you to know that my thoughts and hopes are with you.
7 Bahrain was perceived to be a liberal oasis in the Persian Gulf, with a robust banking sector and a per capita income to rival Europe's.
8 But what we have also seen these past few weeks is that - even in the face of adversity - the men and women of the Gulf have displayed incredible determination.
9 its influence on tropical winds feeding into the Atlantic, el nino also helps to reduce both the number and severity of hurricanes hitting the east coast of the US and the Gulf of Mexico.
10 Anger and resentment build, especially as a society becomes richer and the gulf between ordinary citizens and the officially tolerated crooks grows wider.
11 Iran may declare that its objective is to chase America from the Persian Gulf, but it is Iranian recalcitrance that prompts its neighbours to host American bases and spend lavishly on American arms.
12 I squinted in the direction of the sounds, the rounded gray back of a sea creature rose amid a red froth, rolled turbulently at the surface, then sank back into the Gulf.
13 Far from keeping a low profile after its disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last year, BP seems eager to prove that it is as bold as ever.
14 the only oyster-eaters that might be at risk from oil-tainted food: Many of the oysters for human consumption in the United States come from beds along the Gulf Coast.
15 EVEN AS BP battles to check the damage caused by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, India is showing how far it is from recovering from its own worst industrial accident.
16 In ancient mythology there was no impassable gulf separating the divine from the human beings.
17 A foreign diplomat adds that countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which might in the past have blocked a Gulf upstart from flaunting such ambition, no longer have the will to try.
18 The Grand Gulf arrangement was eventually upheld by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, which had jurisdiction over cases involving federal regulatory agencies.
19 But while we cannot close the gulf between us, we can try to bridge it so that we may be able to talk across it.
20 Scientists and disaster responders in the Gulf are combining photo-like satellite images and aircraft and shipboard observations with weather and ocean current models to predict the spread of oil.
21 Sediments carried by the Mississippi river have a pale beige coloration in this image, with distinct margins between plumes that likely mark tidal pulses of river water into the Gulf of Mexico.
22 Brine discharges are especially tricky to dispose of at inland desalination plants, and they're also raising the salinity in parts of the shallow Persian Gulf.
23 The cork industry and the wine business are symbiotically linked – which is why it is so extraordinary that there has traditionally been such a gulf between them.
24 the abscess that grew around my wound after the operation, the 16 ounces of puss, is the contaminated Gulf of Mexico, and there were oil-drenched pelicans inside me and dead floating fish.
25 Egypt is an oil importer, but ACTS as a vital conduit between the huge oilfields in the Persian Gulf and markets in Europe, via the Suez Canal and through the SUMED pipeline.
26 The ships are then transferred to Gulf of Aden where they protect merchant ships from pirates.
27 Russian, Indian and British frigates have recently defended ships under pirate attack and Denmark and the us also have provided assistance in the gulf.
28 I tiptoed across the wood planks of a wobbly orange boat heading from the riverside town Kampot to the Gulf of Thailand.
29 But unlike weather satellites that look at the same region on Earth 24 hours a day, Terra and Aqua generally only get one daylight view each of the Gulf of Mexico.
30 Yemeni politicians and negotiators from the Gulf Cooperation Council say President Saleh has agreed to a GCC proposal for him to step down within 30 days of an accord being signed with the opposition.