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No. sentence
1 A local peasant led the guerrillas through the forest.
2 The town lies within the control of a group of guerrillas.
3 The guerrillas would fight to death before they surrendered.
4 No longer ragged guerrillas, the Vietminh by the early 1950s were armed by the Chinese with the latest weaponry.
5 The guerrillas descended on the enemy.
6 She turns out to be a shy woman who speaks good English, a student and a member of the radical National Committee of West Papua (KNPB), which has close links with guerrillas in the jungle.
7 Pastrana had risked his life in an attempt to make peace, going alone to meet with the guerrillas in their lair.
8 According to the guerrillas they died when an "unidentified military group" attacked the jungle camp where they were being held.
9 He argued that members of the armed forces should not be treated in the same way as guerrillas or paramilitaries.
10 On June 29th the guerrillas erected a roadblock on the main road between medellin and the Caribbean coast. When police arrived, they detonated a bomb, killing a police chief.
11 At least 16 policemen were killed in a homemade mortar attack by FARC guerrillas on a rural police station in north-west Colombia.
12 Yet they were thwarted when Colombia declined to join because of its neighbours' equivocal attitude to its FARC guerrillas.
13 After the raid, he made sure to thank Ecuador for reinforcing border security so the guerrillas could not flee to the other side.
14 The guerrillas also want the European Union to drop them from a list of terrorist organisations-an aim that Mr Chavez supported, calling for their recognition as a "belligerent force".
15 But Colombia is still under assault from the guerrillas and other drug traffickers.
16 Many in Israel, including the army, recognised that the rules of engagement between regular armies and guerrillas needed revision and clarification.
17 Instead, she was forced to gamble on a perilous mountain escape to the comparative safety of northern Iraq, escorted by Kurdish guerrillas on horseback.
18 This week's poll addresses Colombia's new victims law, which will provide compensation not only to people targeted by the country's guerrillas and paramilitary groups but also by government forces.
19 A decade ago very public peace talks collapsed because the guerrillas used them as a propaganda exercise while continuing to kidnap and recruit.
20 But his vigorous opposition to the left-wing guerrillas who have plagued his country is combined with a commitment to a democratic system he has done much to strengthen (see article).
21 But FARC guerrillas began to visit. They sought to recruit his eldest daughter, who was then aged 14.
22 It was convenient for him to be able to point to the border incident over the tree as evidence of the need for his guerrillas to "resist Israel" and guard "Lebanon's holy soil".
23 blow to the guerrillas is both symbolic and operational.
24 Colombia FARC guerrillas were reported to have murdered 17 Amerindians, whom they accused of collaborating with the army near the Ecuadorean border.
25 But police intelligence officers managed to infiltrate the bodyguards, and to persuade some guerrillas to become informers.
26 Colombia's government announced it would present evidence at a special meeting of the Organisation of American States, showing that FARC guerrillas are operating in Venezuelan territory.
27 Many conflicts are fought between rival bands of shambolic, murderous guerrillas, as in the Balkans and Libya.
28 a lot of dead guerrillas, but we weren't seeing them.
29 Colombia was ravaged by leftist guerrillas and right-wing paramilitaries.
30 Critics complain that the government, a prickly but proud bunch of mainly former guerrillas, pays vast sums for white elephants intended to make it look good.