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No. sentence
1 Romans took over from the Greeks not only their philosophy but their arts.
2 They learned to mint from the Greeks.
3 invasion of the Romans in Greece, instead of influencing the Greeks, they adapted the culture.
4 dishes traditionally served here are evidence of occupation by Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and other European cultures, however, the Arabian influence seems to be the strongest.
5 Shakespeare, Hamlet, the ancient Greeks and Romans could not imagine steam engines, railways, and the industry of the 18th and 19th centuries.
6 Greeks mastered the principle of imagination and association to memorize everything.
7 From Pandora's box, where all the ills of humanity swarmed, the Greeks drew out hope after all the others, as the most dreadful of all.
8 Greeks really prepared to accept all of this?
9 The Greeks, who for centuries questioned themselves as to what is just, could understand nothing of our idea of justice.
10 trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks went across the village.
11 Like the ancient Greeks, its inhabitants turned their backs on their rocky soil, venturing out to fish and trade with distant shores.
12 Greeks could read texts like this also.
13 Indignation with the feckless Greeks will be great.
14 Very roughly this river defines the north west edge of the Indian subcontinent and the Persians, Greeks, Romans and the rest of us applied the name to everything on the other side of that river.
15 Since many Greeks live on or near the sea, water sports are popular and children learn to swim at an early age.
16 Sports are still an important part of Greek life and, by giving us the Olympics, the Greeks have had a tremendous influence on world sports and sportsmanship.
17 tragic myth mean precisely for the Greeks of the best, strongest, and bravest age?
18 Every setback was attributed to temporary factors - It's the Greeks!
19 Greeks still use some ancient sites, such as the Pnyx and the Theater of Herodes Atticus.
20 Greeks and Roman myths focus overwhelmingly on this life; Egypt, with one foot in prehistory, looked over the horizon to the place where the setting sun vanished.
21 Greeks have turned out in droves to a series of nationwide protests against the economy and austerity measures, outraged that they are being asked to make more sacrifices.
22 unclear who first invented the toilet: early contenders for the honor are the Scots and the Greeks.
23 That could include bold new concessions from the Greeks, such as pledging privatisation proceeds as collateral for new rescue funds.
24 I think it's very important to notice that some of these places that were big in the Mycenaean world were entirely abandoned and not settled again by the Greeks.
25 Greeks - and Greece - may have lived beyond their means for decades, but as they point out, so did many others, including Americans.
26 Those Greeks saw themselves as mortal men and women but living in a world full of gods who were not mortal.
27 most successful, most beautiful, most envied people, those with the most encouraging style of life-the Greeks?
28 It certainly goes back to the ancient Greeks.
29 Greeks say that the very name Macedonia implies territorial claims to a part of Greece.
30 The Greeks and Romans lived, I suppose, very comfortably though they had no linen.