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No. sentence
1 His breastplate further emphasizes the Greco-Roman union, displaying the Greek goddess Athena standing upon a she-wolf that was a symbol of Rome.
2 In Greek mythology, Tyche was usually invoked along with Nemesis, the goddess of bad luck.
3 Through the medium of the Syrians Greek culture penetrated Persia.
4 Sports are still an important part of Greek life and, by giving us the Olympics, the Greeks have had a tremendous influence on world sports and sportsmanship.
5 What was the original experience of Christianity, in contrast with that of the Greek cosmos and its human microcosmos?
6 The word has Greek roots but didn't exist in classical Greek.
7 a nifty solder-gun and his small engraving lathe he could make an American typewriter speak 145 different tongues, from Russian to Homeric Greek.
8 Greek oregano has a more mild flavor than the Mexican variety usually found in the spice aisle of your supermarket. Look for Greek oregano at Italian or Greek markets.
9 all of the countries were attracting large inflows of foreign capital, largely because markets believed that membership in the euro zone made Greek, Portuguese and Spanish bonds safe investments.
10 That would be enough to restore it to profitability if there were no further write-downs on its holdings of Greek government bonds.
11 The euro has slumped 【in part】 because the Greek crisis makes it look a poor choice for reserve managers hoping to diversify their big dollar holdings.
12 We ate a Greek salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, loads of olives and seaweed; a stir-fry of vegetables with tofu and a miso and cashew sauce; and a mound of quinoa.
13 Unlike in the pagan Greek cosmos, there could be no divine bodies in the Christian cosmos.
14 their smartphones.They are also constantly bombarded with unrelated bits and pieces—a poke from a friend one moment, the latest Greek financial tragedy the next.
15 Mary does her hair after the ancient Greek fashion.
16 The tragic nature of Eugene O Neill splays is deeply influenced by the ancient Greek tragedy, the expressionism of Strindberg, and O Neill sown experience.
17 The profound ancient Greek philosophical thinking, the magnificent Homer Epic, the immortal Greek mythology all have the permanent charm and give human the wisdom and enlightenment.
18 The rumour struck at the notion, cherished by some holders of Greek bonds, that there is untapped demand in Asia for the riskier sorts of euro paper.
19 Some plastic surgeons cite Greek mathematicians to argue there is a universal beauty ideal based on classical notions of proportion.
20 I like to add it to cereal, oatmeal, or the aforementioned Greek Yogurt.
21 Sondheim's work is notable for his use of complex polyphony in the vocal parts, such as the chorus of five minor characters who function as a sort of Greek chorus in 1973's a Little Night Music.
22 Some versions of the Prometheus story of Greek mythology say that he not only gave technological knowledge to humankind but actually created human beings.
23 bank’s officials have argued, in increasingly hysterical tones, that any tampering with Greek debt, even a modest extension of maturities, would be a catastrophe.
24 Rather than covering the geographical area occupied by the modern Greek state, he argued Ancient Greece stretched from Georgia in the east to Spain in the west.
25 was all the road meant now-a road to Ashley and the beautiful white-columned house that crowned the hill like a Greek Temple.
26 Almunia, the EU's economic and monetary affairs commissioner, said European leaders should offer support to Greek authorities in exchange for the efforts they were making.
27 One such volcano-induced landslide occurred thousands of years ago in the Greek islands, causing the Minoan civilization to be wiped from the map.
28 Many ancient Greek myths take their location from Minoan Crete more than ten centuries before Plato. Daedalus, the ancient scientist, was supposedly the architect of the palace at Knossos.
29 Greek eyebrows are often raised when the children of Albanian immigrants, born and raised in the country, take part in Greek independence celebrations.
30 Most of the population is ethnically Albanian (95% of the population). There is a Greek minority (3%).