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No. sentence
1 took great strength to resist the pressure of the authorities.
2 She envisages an era of great scientific discoveries.
3 The great mystery of the incarnation is that God became human in Jesus so that all human flesh could be clothed with divine life.
4 They have raised a monument in memory of the great writer.
5 We have great expectations of him.
6 That was a great advance for the lad.
7 In that dark winter of 1932, the Great Depression reached its worst depths.
8 Selective memory is great —until it comes back to bite you in the ass.
9 If you, like us, find that your application requires a great deal of manual coding, we suggest you create your own set of widget classes to simplify the code you write.
10 fall of 2008, roughly nine months into the Great Recession and just before Lehman Brothers collapsed, Rob Peck, 27, was losing money almost every day.
11 We learned a great deal under his teaching.
12 All treaties between great states cease to be binding when they come in conflict with the struggle for existence.
13 What others think exercises a great influence on most of us.
14 Because every time I meet people and talk about this we continue to get great ideas for the story So, thank you very much for your attention How many gamers are there in the audience?
15 So it can have great return but with great risk, "he said."
16 But while you may grumble in the privacy of your armchair, the journalists who hold the mirror up to you do so publicly and at great risk to themselves.
17 You either make up the process as you go along, or perhaps you adapt the process to such a great extent each time that no process is recognizable from one project to the next.
18 Neutral colors like tan and white are great, with some color tossed in.
19 Great for developing in one environment and then testing in others.
20 After breakfast, drive to Masai Mara via the Great Rift Valley to arrive at Maasai Mara in time for evening game drive.
21 Know that if your teen gets into hot water, he may be too embarrassed or afraid of your wrath and disappointment to tell you, even if you have a great relationship with your teen or — think you do.
22 The clustering force makes each of us more productive, which in turns makes the places we inhabit much more productive, generating great increases in output and wealth.
23 Like all outdoor-minded people, we inhabit the current season, whichever it is, with passion, though we also take great pleasure in anticipating the next one as well.
24 By the Chinese calendar, it is the first day of the Chrysanthemum Moon in the third year of the Perpetually Jubilant Emperor, ruler of Da Ming, the Dynasty of Great Light.
25 She has great confidence in her success.
26 If we went with a waterfall approach, we might have a great design for many releases but then find ourselves with only enough funding for one release.
27 Mr White was revered for his great learning by all the students in the college.
28 I felt a great emptiness inside, as if I had been searching for some glimpse, not outside but within myself, and had discovered that there was nothing to be found.
29 English poetry is one of their great heritages.
30 That’s great; just move those surpluses into a savings account so they can earn some interest, and then move them back out if you need them.