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1 Grandin says she used to have a problem with her own personal hygiene, including body odor, until a boss told her plainly that she needed to use deodorant.
2 Grandin says that people with Asperger's also tend to be extrasensitive to their environment, including lighting and ambient noise.
3 McDonald's, among others, audits the slaughterhouse welfare of all animals killed for its burgers - how much the cattle moo or stumble, for instance - with a system developed by Grandin.
4 human lost much of its olfactory and aural capabilities, according to Grandin, because these were dogs' greatest strengths. Humans came to rely on the canine nose and ears.
5 Her mother - still alive and also at the Emmys - played a crucial role in ensuring she received the early educational intervention that Grandin believes is key to tackling autism.
6 Forbes was among the first to profile Grandin (in 1998), and her life story was the subject of a 2010 HBO documentary.
7 Grandin noticed that the deep pressure it exerted calmed the steer down, and she discovered it had the same effect on her.
8 Dr Doolittle may talk to the animals. Grandin can think like them.
9 Paulson appreciated Grandin comparing the brain to a map of U.S. airline routes.
10 In 1950, Grandin was diagnosed with autism.
11 Cattle, Grandin argues, aren't tame animals as are dogs or cats, and therefore freedom from fear is a big issue for them.
12 Temple Grandin had such severe autism that even her own father wanted her put in an institution.
13 Grandin and Deutsch say you should communicate with Aspies as specifically and clearly as possible.
14 Just accept that that's the way it is," Grandin says.
15 Temple Grandin: I am much less autistic now, compared to when I was young.
16 But I know with someone like Temple Grandin [who has autism], I really do see her as a different sort of being.
17 Gone is her Mickey Mouse voice (particular to Grandin, rather than autistic people generally), the constant anxiety and the sensory sensitivity that afflicted her in the past.
18 Grandin argues that, over tens of thousands of years, humans and dogs actually evolved in particular ways because of their close relationship.
19 For instance, Temple Grandin, an animal scientist with Asperger's, invented a humane, efficient way to slaughter cattle.
20 The normal mind tends to be too vague, " adds Grandin. "The Asperger's mind sees the details."
21 Temple Grandin, author of Animals in Translation
22 The film "Temle Grandin" is based upon Grandin's memories, "Emergence" and "Thinking in pictures."
23 Grandin comes at the problem from a very different perspective from most, asking simply, "What does an animal need to be happy?"
24 Still, Grandin could not hide her excitement.
25 Producer Emily Gerson Saines, who is herself the mother of an autistic child, thanked Grandin for her work in spreading knowledge about the condition.
26 Red Harris (of "Cattle Magazine") : I don't normally tell people what I'm going to write but Miss Grandin, this is a masterpiece.
27 Noted autistic Temple Grandin described her inability to understand the social communication of neurotypicals, or people with typical neural development, as leaving her feeling "like an anthropologist on Mars".
28 and best-selling author and Doctor of Animal Science Temple Grandin.
29 The Book of Mormon went on sale at the bookstore of E. B. Grandin in Palmyra, New York on March 26, 1830.
30 Some historians, including Michael Ignatieff, Adam Jones and Greg Grandin, have cited the United States intervention and bombing campaign (spanning 1965–1973) as a significant factor which lead to increased support for the Khmer Rouge among the Cambodian peasantry.