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Governor Jay Hammond in a sentence

1. It was later championed by Governor Jay Hammond and Kenai state representative Hugh Malone.

2. It was established in Alaska in 1976 by Article 9, Section 15 of the Alaska State Constitution under Governor Jay Hammond.

3. To ensure that oil revenue wasn't spent as it came in, the Alaska Legislature and governor Jay Hammond proposed the creation of an Alaska Permanent Fund—a long-term savings account for the state.

4. The funds from the oil leases were seven times the state’s budget and seven years after he first proposed an investment fund for oil royalties, Governor Jay Hammond established the Alaska Permanent Fund.

5. Twelve years later, the area was further protected in a bill signed by Alaska Governor Jay Hammond and became the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary.

6. The Symphony performed in 1987 at the Inaugural Ceremony for Alaska Governor Steve Cowper and former Governor Jay Hammond narrated Copland's Lincoln Portrait in 1997.

7. In January, 2007 Senate Bill 67, introduced by Senator Gary Stevens, of Kodiak, proposed the establishment of a State Fish and Game Refuge covering about 7 million acres (28,000 km) of state land in the Kvichak and Nushagak drainages (with the refuge to be named after former Alaska Governor Jay Hammond).

8. He left the State Senate to become the 3rd lieutenant governor of Alaska under Governor Jay Hammond.

9. Taylor was appointed to a Wrangell-based judgeship of the Alaska District Court by governor Jay Hammond on December 23, 1976, besting one other applicant.

10. Ward was appointed commissioner of the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities by Governor Jay Hammond on October 24, 1978.

11. In 1982, Mallott was appointed to the board of trustees of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation by Governor Jay Hammond to replace Elmer Rasmuson.

12. The Alaska Department of Transportation was established by Alaska Highway Commissioner Walter Parker during the administration of Governor Jay Hammond.

13. Ulmer received support from former Republican Governor Jay Hammond, Governor Tony Knowles and called on voters to support her so that Murkowski could stay working as Senator for Alaska in Congress.

14. In 1975, the Alaska Board of Geographic Names changed the name of the mountain to Denali, and, at Governor Jay Hammond's behest, the Alaska Legislature officially requested that the United States Board on Geographic Names (BGN), the federal governmental body responsible for naming geographic features in the United States, change the name of the mountain from "Mount McKinley" to "Mount Denali".

15. On October 15, 1981, Governor Jay Hammond appointed Carpeneti to the Alaska Superior Court.

16. Then, in 1977, Republican Governor Jay Hammond appointed Matthews as an associate justice of the Alaska Supreme Court.

17. Holmstrom grew up in Fairbanks, where his father worked as a broadcaster and broadcasting executive, and also headed the Fairbanks office of the Governor of Alaska under governor Jay Hammond.

18. To replace outgoing Republican governor Jay Hammond, Democratic nominee Bill Sheffield defeated three opponents: Republican nominee Tom Fink, Libertarian nominee Dick Randolph and Alaskan Independence Party nominee Joe Vogler.

19. Alaska Governor Jay Hammond appointed Roppel to the new Alaska Historical Commission in 1975.

20. In 1976, Governor Jay Hammond appointed Compton to the superior court, in Juneau.

21. He was a judge of the Alaska Superior Court from 1970 until his appointment to the Alaska Supreme Court by Governor Jay Hammond in 1975.

22. After she served on the Executive Committee of the Kenai Peninsula Development Council, Governor Jay Hammond recruited her for the Governor's Tourism Advisory Board.

23. It was later championed by Governor Jay Hammond and Kenai state representative Hugh Malone.

24. Hammond served as the First Lady of Alaska from 1974 until 1982 during the tenure of her husband, former Governor Jay Hammond.

25. Cutler was appointed by Governor Jay Hammond as a district court judge in Anchorage, Alaska and was sworn in on September 26, 1977.