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Gorrie in a sentence

1. Gorrie and McIntyre had been members of Forever More.

2. In 1985 Gorrie released a solo album, Sleepless Nights.

3. Gorrie cast Henley Thomas as Tarron;

4. The facility is named after Arthur Gorrie.

5. Its largest communities are Fordwich, Gorrie and Wroxeter.

6. Gorrie were general contractors for the revitalization.

7. Gorrie undoubtedly would have influenced his thinking.

8. Robinson did not support it but Gorrie did.

9. He was previously an aide to the former MSP Donald Gorrie.

10. Nayuka Gorrie; Ashton Applewhite;

11. Gorrie. Construction of this first phase of the 12th &

12. Gorrie has 12 offices and approximately 2,600 employees.

13. Gorrie in 1967.

14. Gorrie completed an $80 million renovation.

15. Gorrie was general contractor for the project.

16. For the year, Gorrie hit .287 with 10 home runs.

17. Gorrie was inducted into the Gauchos Hall of Fame in 1975.

18. Gorrie was inducted into the Waves Hall of Fame in 1988.

19. David Franklin Gorrie died on May 16, 2015.

20. While there he met Malcolm "Molly" Duncan and Alan Gorrie.

21. Gorrie may refer to: Surname: Given name: Places:

22. Sir John Gorrie KB (30 March 1829 –

23. "Gorrie, John".

24. Gorrie was selected to construct the complex.

25. It was renamed in 1915 to honor John Gorrie.

26. John Gorrie's air cycle engines;

27. The term Gorrie Fivers was quoted for this group.

28. Gorrie uses the pronouns "they/them."

29. Gorrie for design and construction management services.

30. Gorrie are serving as contractors for the project.