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No. sentence
1 Goldman and Morgan Stanley have abandoned their Indian joint ventures because regulations have eased, believing they can do better on their own there.
2 Goldman and the other big investment Banks have worked furiously hard to ensure that their risks are as efficiently hedged and as finely priced as management and mathematics will allow.
3 But Goldman Sachs envisages a CPI increase of 8.5% in February in its report.
4 That's based on Bloomberg's own analysis of the banks that make the most money in those areas: Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley.
5 The American economy could yet slip into recession, an event on which Goldman Sachs now places a 40% probability.
6 If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out?" — Goldman Sachs (GS)?
7 Last week shares in a broker soared when it hinted it had agreed on a link-up with Wall Street's mighty Goldman Sachs, then plunged when this proved untrue.
8 There are fresh opportunities, too, such as distressed debt—a field in which Goldman excelled after the last bust.
9 In its complaint, the SEC alleged that Goldman misstated and omitted key facts regarding a synthetic collateralized debt obligation it marketed.
10 The Securities and Exchange Commission says Goldman misled two clients by failing to give adequate disclosure.
11 The effrontery of that may well supersede anything Goldman and Paulson are alleged to have done.
12 Using client information to increase its trading edge-if that is what Goldman does-may not be against the law, but it is hardly honourable.
13 Goldman says that 10% of its revenues come from proprietary trading, well above rivals' shares.
14 Yes, there will always be some individual or firm cashing in on the latest bull market, but it probably won't be the big firms like Goldman, J.P. Morgan or Morgan Stanley.
15 Goldman started out in 1869 as a dealer in commercial paper. As it entered new businesses its culture remained remarkably cohesive, thanks to strong leadership and its eschewal of big acquisitions.
16 It sets Morgan Stanley in contrast with its archrival, Goldman Sachs, which doesn't seem keen to change at all.
17 My answer showed that I had the drive and grit to serve Goldman Sachs faithfully - at least for the length of the two-year dogsbody analyst program.
18 infusion of Warren Buffett's money, and the backing of his reputation, means that Goldman has so far escaped the fate of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers during the recent credit crunch.
19 Goldman believes it can continue to punt its own money as long as its risk management remains strong.
20 Robin Brooks, an economist at Goldman Sachs, has worked out a measure of net capital inflows from figures on countries’ foreign reserves and current-account balances.
21 Rubin, who came from Goldman Sachs, helped deregulate the financial industry and got rich at Citibank from the results.
22 After Sputnik, we came together as a nation and responded with a technology, infrastructure and education surge, notes Robert Hormats, vice chairman of Goldman Sachs International.
23 Sitting around a table with its 30-something mandarins is more like meeting junior partners at Goldman Sachs or McKinsey than the cast of "Yes, Minister".
24 the meantime, what about those Goldman bonuses?
25 Yet Jeffrey Gordon, a professor of law at Columbia University, points out that Goldman set aside 50% of its profits for bonuses, in keeping with previous years.
26 It would exacerbate suspicions that Goldman, with its long history of producing Treasury secretaries, gets special treatment.
27 The result contrasted with the 20%-plus returns Goldman shareholders have become accustomed to and the 30%-plus returns often seen during the credit boom.
28 Goldman insists that it must pay its employees well to keep them from defecting to rivals.
29 Chastising Goldman Sachs for flexing its muscles on behalf of a customer is akin to slapping a kitten for its adventures with a ball of wool.
30 A rumour swept the markets in mid-June that Goldman Sachs had lost plenty in a derivative contract tied to market volatility.