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No. sentence
1 Memphis police director Larry Godwin assures the public that this isn't a real-life version of Minority Report.
2 his father dies, Mr Godwin struggles with his dying wish to be cremated: the crematoriums are out of butane gas, the morgues are out of diesel.
3 he spoke outside Scotland Yard, Godwin was shouted at by a passerby.
4 glorification of revolutionary ideas, Shelley had sought out William Godwin, author of Political Justice, who had married Mary Wollstonecraft, author of The Rights of Women.
5 It opens your eyes within the precinct," says Godwin.
6 There is a remarkable scene in which Peter Godwin guards Ian Smith who is visiting the arenas of war, and he stands dreaming of killing this man who will not let the unwinnable war end.
7 In general, crops such as sugar and vegetables are more water-intensive than cereals, while meat and dairy is even more water-intensive. Photograph: Martin Godwin.
8 licensing effect' : Researchers have found that buying green can establish the moral credentials that license subsequent bad behaviour. Photograph: Martin Godwin.
9 Godwin was accused of being a kaffir-lover, but soon was part of the army created to fight for white supremacy.
10 Peter Godwin decided he did not want to be involved in this kind of law.
11 teenage Mary Godwin (soon to become Mary Shelley) first penned Frankenstein on a traumatic vacation in an Italian villa, she certainly had in mind that her character was playing God.
12 Godwin, social worker, author, and spokeswoman for the peace and women's suffrage movements, receives many prizes for her humanitarian achievements.
13 Life can sometimes be a hard teacher, but it is always the best teacher. "- Godwin Samararatne".
14 Who but Gail Godwin would tell me: "Suffer, Joyce."
15 Chinese corporations can avoid making the same mistakes, says Godwin Nnanna.
16 This is laudable, writes Godwin Nnanna, but they missed an opportunity.
17 in the most penurious manner , and denied himself every indulgence" (William Godwin ).
18 Many revolutionaries of the 19th century such as William Godwin (1756–1836) and Wilhelm Weitling (1808–1871) would contribute to the anarchist doctrines of the next generation, but they did not use anarchist or anarchism in describing themselves or their beliefs.
19 The first anarchist currents developed throughout the 18th century as William Godwin espoused philosophical anarchism in England, morally delegitimising the state, Max Stirner's thinking paved the way to individualism and Pierre-Joseph Proudhon's theory of mutualism found fertile soil in France.
20 Early influences on individualist forms of anarchism include William Godwin, Max Stirner and Henry David Thoreau.
21 Anarchist writers such as William Godwin (Political Justice) and Max Stirner ("The False Principle of Our Education") attacked both state education and private education as another means by which the ruling class replicate their privileges.
22 Some sources state that following King Edward the Confessor's death in 1066, it was Ealdred who crowned Harold Godwinson as King of England.
23 That same year, as Ealdred was returning to England he met Sweyn, a son of Godwin, Earl of Wessex, and probably absolved Sweyn for having abducted the abbess of Leominster Abbey in 1046.
24 Ealdred helped Sweyn not only because Ealdred was a supporter of Earl Godwin's family but because Sweyn's earldom was close to his bishopric.
25 Earl Godwin's rebellion against the king in 1051 came as a blow to Ealdred, who was a supporter of the earl and his family.
26 Ealdred was present at the royal council at London that banished Godwin's family.
27 Later in 1051, when he was sent to intercept Harold Godwinson and his brothers as they fled England after their father's outlawing, Ealdred "could not, or would not" capture the brothers.
28 In September 1052, though, Godwin returned from exile and his family was restored to power.
29 Journeying with him was Tostig, another son of Earl Godwin, who was now earl of Northumbria.
30 Given Ealdred's known support of Godwin's family, John of Worcester is probably correct.