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1 Any of these techniques work very well with small teams on a single platform or large teams distributed globally targeting all the platforms.
2 Even so, NASDAQ's argument that regulators should view this market globally, not in national terms, rings a bit hollow given how ferociously it competes for listings with the NYSE.
3 We are at the end of an era, not only in Europe, but globally.
4 Progress in case detection decelerated globally between 2005 and 2006, stalled in China and India, and fell short of the global Plan milestone of 65% for 2006.
5 Globally, roofs account for 25% of the surface of most cities, and pavement accounts for about 35%.
6 Fresh, leafy vegetables are part of a healthy diet and are grown under diverse conditions and marketed both locally and globally to provide year round availability to consumers.
7 We have worked hard to size the company appropriately, while preserving our ability to expand globally and to support current and future customers.
8 This reflects South Korea’s leadership, regionally and globally, and I thank President Lee and the South Korean people for their willingness to accept this responsibility.
9 Globally the international institutions can help address cross-border problems such as climate change and communicable diseases that cannot be effectively tackled without international cooperation.
10 Companies continue to expand globally, distributing their teams around the world through a variety of means, including offshoring, acquiring, partnering, and outsourcing.
11 As software delivery organizations expand globally, many companies now use a geographically distributed development (GDD) approach to effectively manage acquisitions, partnering, and outsourcing.
12 But it's a whole different story if you want to implement these technologies on the desktop, or globally on OS X.
13 The use of antibiotics and growth stimulants to boost yields is common in food production globally, including in China where it is poorly regulated.
14 It is an important tool for WHO and drug regulators in their efforts to harmonize regulation and improve the safety, efficacy and quality of medicines globally.
15 In just two months, rice prices have skyrocketed to near historical levels, rising by around 75 percent globally,” he said.
16 Globally, a rise of 1c in sea surface temperature would increase the occurrence of strong storms by about one third, the researchers calculate.
17 there are individual differences among children, but across large populations, regionally and globally, the average growth is remarkably similar.
18 Since 1994, only 59% of all countries globally have been able to collect high quality representative data on drug resistance.
19 South Africa is one of the world leaders in vulture conservation, and is also globally renowned for the birdfriendly electricity powerlines.
20 Our major articles are in-depth interviews with sports stars, our commentary is from globally renowned pundits and we often do our own photo shoots.
21 Japan, the world's second largest economy, lagged behind, ranked third in Asia and ninth globally, faring poorly on measures of its institutions and market and business sophistication.
22 Alternatively, we could bin all this legislation, discreetly and globally, before anybody else winds up in court.
23 Treat global concerns globally: Program elements should not have much say in the participation of concerns such as tracing and profiling in a crosscutting implementation.
24 It helps governments address problems of cost and availability and provides guidance to the pharmaceutical industry on medicines needs globally.
25 But these inflows have been scant in recent months as investors globally have stayed away from risky assets like emerging-market stocks.
26 In Europe, cocktail or mixed flavours rank behind orange due to their strong presence in still drinks and nectars, but globally the second most dominant flavour is lemon.
27 This is the stark conclusion of James Lovelock, the globally respected environmental thinker and independent scientist who developed the Gaia theory.
28 more natural than worrying that your child might be trampled by the great, scary, globally competitive world into which she will one day be launched?
29 These infections account for 6 percent of all deaths globally, the World Lung Foundation said in releasing its Acute Respiratory infections Atlas.
30 It's a message to all nations that the United States possesses the capability and the will to operate globally.