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Gestapo agents in a sentence

1. Whether trained as police originally or not, Gestapo agents themselves were shaped by their socio-political environment.

2. Gestapo agents were subjected to ideologically oriented racism and criminal biological theories;

3. Gestapo agents helped her confidant Emilio Pucci rescue some of them from Rome.

4. Jones flies to the Prague Castle to acquire the second piece of the Mirror, encountering a large number of Gestapo agents.

5. Skinnarland also believed that Gestapo agents were in the area.

6. In September 1946, as he was in the Soviet Occupied Zone, he was arrested by the Soviets and questioned about Gestapo agents in Colditz.

7. Gestapo agents searched their apartment for evidence of subversive activities on several occasions.

8. There was no jury and prosecution witnesses were Gestapo agents.

9. He also reported that Gestapo agents were routinely dragging Jews out of their homes and shooting them on the street in broad daylight.

10. In November 1942 he was captured by Gestapo agents in German-occupied France and deported to Berlin.

11. As Gestapo agents close in on him in a helicopter, March uncovers bricks in the undergrowth.

12. Satisfied, he pulls out his gun and starts to walk towards the Gestapo agents.

13. His men liquidated some 300 Gestapo agents and collaborators.

14. Inside, he found himself covered by a machine pistol, but he persuaded the 4 Gestapo agents confronting him to surrender.

15. Upon the Anschluss annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany, Fey was interrogated by Gestapo agents on 15 March 1938.

16. The day after the Germans entered the French capital, Gestapo agents appeared in the Polish Library on the Île St. Louis.

17. On 30 October 1942 the centre was surrounded by Gestapo agents.

18. In spring 1943 Gestapo agents infiltrated the underground movement.

19. Men working under Hieke monitored collaborators, arrests, and the movements of Gestapo agents.

20. His invitation was accepted and the family left Germany, with their money hidden away, escorted over the border by Gestapo agents.

21. On 30 March 1944 two of the survivors saw three large sedans with ten Gestapo agents collect six officers who were taken away.

22. Sent to Belarus, he liquidated Gestapo agents and blew up German transports between Brzesc nad Bugiem and Minsk.

23. McKenna personally arrested over 20 of the "Gestapo" agents involved in the murders.

24. It is estimated that at the end of 1941 and the start of 1942 there were some 15,000 "Jewish Gestapo" agents in the General Government.

25. On the 16 September 1942, two Gestapo agents arrived at 6.30 in the morning.

26. However, they caught the attention of Gestapo agents and were arrested and sent to the Morzinplatz Gestapo headquarters in Vienna.

27. They pretended to be Gestapo agents, and demanded to take Florentino (as he was universally known) with them.

28. They pretended to be Gestapo agents, demanded to take Florentino with them, put him in the ambulance, and drove away.

29. Gestapo agents accompanied these irregular transports to Dachau.

30. She was seized on a Milan station platform by two Gestapo agents.