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Gestapo in a sentence

1. Müller remained the Gestapo Chief.

2. (1943), as a Nazi Gestapo chief.

3. SD), the police, and the Gestapo.

4. The Gestapo was everywhere.

5. We were wanted by the Gestapo.

6. SD) and the Gestapo.

7. Others will point to the Gestapo.

8. She was observed by the Gestapo.

9. Gestapo arrested him in 1938.

10. He died while in Gestapo custody.

11. The Gestapo (est.

12. The Gestapo are waiting.

13. The Gestapo was waiting for them.

14. tortured by the Gestapo.

15. Gestapo officers checked her house;

16. Gestapo) for the years 1936–1939.

17. SD) and the Gestapo.

18. The Gestapo (est.

19. The Gestapo was aware of this.

20. Gestapo. Instrument of Tyranny;

21. Grajer was a Gestapo informer.

22. In 1933 Lehmann joined the Gestapo.

23. The Gestapo held him for 63 days.

24. the Gestapo Chief Herbert Kappler;

25. The Gestapo men wore battle suits.

26. see Gestapo–NKVD Conferences.

27. In 1935, he joined the Gestapo.

28. She was then sent to the Gestapo.

29. He was shot by the Gestapo.

30. The Gestapo released the prisoner.