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No. sentence
1 the latest move, Qatar has banned the import of all vegetables from Germany and Spain.
2 After all, Germany has banned it throughout the whole country.
3 Germany says the EU should now seek an all-embracing deal, including on the size and scope of the bail-out fund, in time for the next summit in March.
4 Germany needs only one to manage cash and settlements for its savings Banks but the state premiers have resisted pressure for mergers.
5 Weeks later it wiped out fields in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and England.
6 All but one of the deaths and the majority of those infected have been in Germany.
7 Due to its central location Germany has more neighbours than any other European country.
8 Two Rwandan warlords were put on trial in Germany for atrocities committed in Congo.
9 Europe dominated new solar power installations last year, at about 13 gigawatts (GW), Masson estimated, with Germany and Italy accounting for nearly 7 GW and about 3 GW respectively.
10 Europe is at its chaotic worst. France and Britain want a no-fly zone, but Germany, deaf to the pleas of Libyans, sees only risks and entanglement.
11 Germany wanted sanctions against Colonel Qaddafi, but balked when they failed to stop him.
12 Germany is still unconscious, they go through its pockets, steal its wallet, and buy drinks for all their friends.
13 Attention is already shifting to the question of whether Germany will back rescue measures that have yet even to be put on paper.
14 She said she wanted to be a "chancellor for all Germans, so Germany does better, particularly in a crisis".
15 Germany had a savage recession as manufacturing orders dried up, but its economy has since bounced back strongly, expanding by 3.6% last year, far faster than most other rich economies.
16 issue of immigration, as in so many other countries, remains a contentious topic: 35% said they thought Germany was "dangerously overrun" with foreigners.
17 The next morning I crossed into Austria and, a couple of miles down the trail, marked the occasion with a cigarette and a bar of chocolate, as I had previously upon reaching France and Germany.
18 This female Amur leopard cub was born at a zoo in Leipzig, Germany.
19 But so is Germany, and its fertility has been declining for decades; whereas Ireland is not, and its population is growing.
20 Some analysts, however, see Germany outperforming other European markets going forward because of the euro, which tumbled versus the dollar during the second quarter.
21 Turkey and Germany go off into a corner and whisper.
22 Germany leaned towards the first option.
23 Germany bounds France on the east.
24 She uprooted her son, then 15, to Germany as well.
25 Others, such as France and Germany, said they would do a lot but have spent about a quarter of what they promised.
26 JOHANNESBURG - Germany nipped Ghana 1-0 in their last World Cup Group D game, a result which sent both teams into the last 16.
27 Robert Enke, Hanover also have arguably the best of a crop of very good goalkeepers in Germany and this looks set to be an even better year for the club.
28 Now Charles Robert of the University of Bremen, Germany, and colleagues think they have an answer.
29 He then covered the Allied invasion of Europe and, after the surrender of Germany, filed reports from the Far East.
30 We're not replacing our core production in Germany," says Manfred Wittenstein, the chairman of the board and a son of the founder.