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No. sentence
1 I have tried to practice this openness closer to home as well, by spending more time with Joe Biden's German shepherd puppy, despite our considerable difference in temperament and bite force.
2 He again became key to a Bayern revival, winning four more league titles, another UEFA Cup and two German Cups.
3 age of 12, an intrepid Wernher von Braun loaded his toy wagon with some firecrackers and shot off across a crowded German street.
4 The surprise was not that it balked at sending forces-it is a recent and reluctant participant in such adventures, and even German critics of the abstention think that this intervention is a bad idea.
5 English, Dutch and German are cognate languages.
6 He passed in German, but failed in English.
7 German officials say there is now bitter regret in Berlin that their country helped wreck the original stability and growth pact.
8 During the sack of Rome in 1527, Parmigianino's studio was broken into by German soldiers.
9 But while it knows who the German President was in 1984, it refused to tell us who the German chancellor was in that year.
10 The German chancellor may argue that she should have such influence over the bailouts of Greece, Ireland and Portugal, since it is her electorate who will end up having to shoulder most of the burden.
11 Yet the office of German chancellor provides a powerful pulpit from which to preach both to a home audience and to other countries.
12 German Chancellor Angela Merkel thinks the next President of the IMF should be European. As do a number of other Europeans.
13 That was the clear verdict of the most recent meeting of the European Council, at which Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, essentially got everything she wanted.
14 Then after arriving in London tomorrow afternoon, he will give a joint press conference with the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, to repeat calls for regulatory measures.
15 Pretzel is indeed thought to come from a German word bretzel described as referring to a kind of thin bread roll twisted into a knot and salted before baking.
16 Known as the "ace of ACES" for shooting down dozens of German enemy planes, Rickenbacker took command of the squadron soon after morale hit its lowest ebb.
17 Such attacks reflect in part the German state's troubled relationship with family policy in the past.
18 A German man and woman, their faces in close-up, talked about the good and essential symbiotic nature of termite mounds, with subtitles.
19 Maybe, but the clumsy handling suggests disarray in German thinking.
20 But I remember an anecdote I once heard from one of my German friends. Shortly after the unification, an Ossie and a Weissie meet in Berlin.
21 While at first Prince Albert was unpopular in some circles because he was German, he came to be admired for his honesty, diligence, and his devotion to his family.
22 She discovered that those who fled to Palestine took as many books as they could carry, but as the exiled population of German-Jews grew in number, so did the demand for German literature.
23 One reason is that, beneath the average, a German jet engine is ripping away from a rickety biplane made of Mediterranean olive-wood and Irish linen.
24 For years, German media and politicians railed against U. S. and British private-equity companies as a plague of destructive "locusts" who inflicted harm on German society.
25 The tea bags are designed by German design company Donkey Products.
26 Investment into the city has reached unprecedented levels and American, British, Dutch, German and French companies all have an eye on the region.
27 A few years later German neurologist Carl Wernicke identified a second language center farther back, in the brain's left temporal lobe.
28 Just wishing someone good luck - with "I press the thumbs for you," the German version of crossing your fingers - improved volunteers' success at a task that required manual dexterity.
29 That should satisfy the German demand for participation of private lenders while meeting the ECB’s requirement that any adjustment be voluntary so that no default is deemed to occur.
30 Thyme is an officially approved German treatment for coughs, upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, and whooping cough, with good reason.