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George Wallace in a sentence

91. The longest-serving governor was George Wallace, who served 16 years over four terms.

92. In 1968, George Wallace ran for president as the American Independent Party's nominee.

93. The county also backed a third-party candidate in 1968, supporting George Wallace.

94. But in 1968, they voted for segregationist "American Independent" George Wallace.

95. It was rock-ribbed Democratic until 1968 when a majority voted for George Wallace.

96. The Tears were Benny Andersson, George Wallace, Albert Fortson, and Mark Williams.

97. Therefore, they attacked the John Birch Society, George Wallace, and anti-Semites.

98. In 1968, George Wallace ran for president as the American Independent Party's nominee.

99. During part of this time, George Wallace Jr. was an administrator at the school.

100. In 1997, comedian George Wallace co-hosted WGCI's morning show with Jeanne Sparrow.

101. Synon also defended George Wallace after his death, saying Wallace was not a racist.

102. Johnson often locked horns with Alabama Governor George Wallace over racial issues.

103. Wallace was born to George Wallace and Elizabeth Yebade Wallace in Monrovia, Liberia.

104. It also warmly supported George Wallace in his third-party run for president in 1968.

105. Orlando Fringe was under the direction of George Wallace from January 2008 to March 2017.

106. Alabama Governor George Wallace was a candidate of the American Independent Party.

107. Let George Do It is a 1938 comedy starring popular stage comedian George Wallace.

108. Stuart F. Doyle signed George Wallace to a contract with Cinesound in February 1937.

109. While on location in Campbelltown, a scene was filmed where George Wallace was run over.

110. However, conservative Democrat George Wallace declared his support for such an amendment.

111. He was paroled in 1943 and pardoned by the Alabama Governor George Wallace in 1976.

112. He frequently appeared alongside George Wallace and had worked for a time in America.

113. In 1997, Wallace was adapted into a television miniseries for TNT titled George Wallace.

114. Featuring Bob Geraghty and George Wallace Jr, it featured a mix of comedy and music.

115. On June 3, British actor Tim Roth signed on to play Alabama governor George Wallace.

116. Behind the scenes, in 1964 he was Chairman of the George Wallace presidential campaign.

117. He lost a battle for the 1970 Democratic gubernatorial nomination to George Wallace.

118. Also running was Alabama Governor George Wallace on the "American Independent" ticket.

119. Independent candidate George Wallace finished with 6.06% of Oregon's popular vote.

120. King included Ellwanger in a group of 15 pastors who met with Governor George Wallace.