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General Council members in a sentence

1. General Council members justified the Council's political and diplomatic actions as necessary for Andorra's survival and the protection of its sovereignty.

2. However, both Bourgeois and Doyle said, after the vote, that Duggan told them that only two of the five general council members voted for Bourgeois's dismissal, while three abstained.

3. Executive Board elections are held during the spring semester, but General Council members can join as late as the beginning of the fall semester.

4. General Council members can serve on the Campus Activities Board (CAB) which is responsible for planning and organizing campus activities throughout the semester such as the annual spring and fall festivals.

5. The university is governed by a Council which includes a President, a Rector, two Pro-Rectors, a Director General, and general council members.

6. The current senior council consists of: Unlike the council on Miquelon-Langlade, the general council members are divided into the governing council and opposition members.

7. The COSGP is governed by an executive board, which is elected during the April Quarterly meeting and consists of six members elected by the General Council Members: Chair, First Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian.

8. The General Council members in 1867 were restricted to five British officers and 16 Malay and Melanau members with Rajah as the president.

9. The coordination of the international Movement rests with the General Assembly, as part of the General Council members, representatives of the regional councils, delegates from local groups, and the General Council, composed of members elected by the Assembly General.

10. The Officers and General Council Members have the responsibility to elect ten other members and also the members of the National Staff Relations Council (NSRC) along with the Immediate Past President to form the Executive Committee and this process is conducted at the Association's first General Council Meeting after the Annual General Meeting.

11. General Council members, on hearing of an issue, would report to their union executives and wait to be told how to vote, before returning and making decisions at the following meeting.

12. A number of Kollywood celebrities including Secretary Vishal, Vice-president Ponvannan, and General council members Udhaya and Hemachander from Nadigar Sangam visited her place and paid their obeisance.