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1 Sweating is one of those bodily functions that seem uncomplicated, but it remains not fully understood by physiologists, at least in terms of how (and why) gender affects the process.
2 It takes emotional courage to engage in this kind of work, and fortunately this quality is not related to class or gender.
3 vast improvement over a country in which millions were oppressed for being born into the wrong caste or gender or family.
4 What you are describing is an uncomfortable, yet common, experience that most people, regardless of gender, have at some point in their lives, if not every winter.
5 Your age, gender, activity level and overall health will ultimately determine which type of diet is best for you, but the pyramid is a great place to start.
6 These factors include patient expectation, preoperative function, and general health, age, gender, and compliance with postoperative rehabilitation programs.
7 Given that these factors have a positive influence on postoperative outcome, it is important for studies to match patients for age, gender, and preoperative function.
8 But when the negative stereotype was brought up, gender differences emerged.
9 Giving women better access to land and credit and promoting gender equality could do more to reduce hunger and malnutrition than any of the other MDGs, the report stressed.
10 When the negative stereotype about women was not hinted at, there were no gender differences in financial decision making.
11 He is now a gender activist and senior manager at the community organisation the Olive Leaf Foundation.
12 You might care about the gender of your partner a lot, a little, or not at all - but their gender doesn't prevent you from being attracted to them.
13 The theme of Saturday's parade was "let's go for more" -- specifically, a "gender identity" law to enable individuals to change their gender on birth certificates and identity cards.
14 Cheating is not a gender based phenomena and just like women wish to know why do men cheat, there are many men who wish to know the answer to the question, why do women cheat.
15 Take your age and gender into account.
16 And this is what the plan really stresses-that gender equality is good in itself, but also that it is instrumental to the achievement of other goals and key to reduce poverty and attain Shared growth.
17 And some research has supported this, suggesting that the gender differences may be biologically rooted or evolutionarily programmed.
18 Everyone in this city, state and this country -- visitors, students, residents, everyone -- whatever race or gender or beliefs, has the right to walk on its streets without fear, ” he said.
19 Your likelihood of job loss depends a lot on your gender, your race and your age.
20 The research, conducted in 2007 and 2008, found that affectionate siblings have positive influences on each other no matter their age, gender, or how many years they are apart.
21 President Barack Obama warned on Monday that women in America still faced unfairness and hardship, as he vowed to fight for gender equality at a White House reception on International women's day.
22 new gender strategy will enable us to mainstream gender awareness throughout the work of the Organization.
23 Critics also contend that many neurological gender studies have too-small subject groups, or other design flaws.
24 I'm not rough and tough enough to feel comfortable with the boys, and yet my gender excludes me from hanging with my friends, the girls.
25 There are individual differences (but no gender differences) in what occurs after this series of regular contractions.
26 Regardless of continent, age, gender, education and race, the answers are the same.
27 To remedy this, Orbuch suggests couples come to an understanding about their own gender limitations and needs.
28 Next week the World Bank will publish our World Development Report on Gender Equality and Development.
29 Gender equality is an explicit element of the World Bank's mission to reduce poverty.
30 We know that gender equality is smart economics.