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Gary Palmer in a sentence

1. In the U.S. House of Representatives, the state is represented by seven members, six of whom are Republicans: (Bradley Byrne, Mike D. Rogers, Robert Aderholt, Morris J. Brooks, Martha Roby, and Gary Palmer) and one Democrat: Terri Sewell who represents the Black Belt as well as most of the predominantly black portions of Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Montgomery.

2. Since its establishment, the gallery has exhibited works by Jeremy Lipking, Danielle Eubank, Teresa Oaxaca, Tony Pro, Alexey Steele, Cyn McCurry, Gary Palmer, Christophe Cassidy, Rotem Reshef, and Christopher Marshall, among others.

3. Basic Math (a.k.a. Fun With Numbers) is an educational cartridge for the Atari Video Computer System (later called the Atari 2600) developed by Gary Palmer of Atari, Inc.. The game was one of the nine launch titles offered when the Atari 2600 went on sale in September 1977.

4. As of the 115th Congress, Democratic Representatives are currently grouped into the following 12 regions: The members of the committee for the 115th Congress are as follows: Gary Palmer currently chairs the Policy Committee.

5. It is currently represented by Republican Gary Palmer.

6. As a composer, Cloidt has been commissioned by such organizations as the Gary Palmer Dance Company, the Paul Dresher Ensemble, the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, and the Kronos Quartet, for whom he has written three pieces.

7. Gary Palmer (R–Alabama).

8. Upon returning to the UK, due to his absence from the ECB system, his unofficial role as ECB fielding coach had been filled by various former players including Trevor Penney and Gary Palmer, and consequently he fell out of favour with the governing body.

9. The National Taxpayers Union ranked his record at the top of the Alabama Congressional delegation, tied with Congressmen Bradley Byrne and Gary Palmer, on issues relating to "tax relief and reform, lower and less wasteful spending, individual liberty, and free enterprise."

10. In the quarterfinals, which was the first round, Forrest defeated Guy Tonti and Gary Palmer.

11. Gary Palmer, co-founder and president of the conservative think tank the Alabama Policy Institute from 1989 until 2014, helped found SPN and served as its president.

12. Strange was not interviewed until the following week, along with U.S. Representative Martha Roby, Representative Gary Palmer, Tim James (son of former Governor Fob James), state Senator Greg Reed (R-Jasper), and state Senator Phil Williams (R-Rainbow City).

13. He scored 16 runs in this match, before being dismissed by Gary Palmer.

14. As coin collector and columnist Gary Palmer put it in 1979, "who really cares if the weight of a cupro-nickel quarter is off by a grain or two?" On March 14, 1980, Carter approved legislation abolishing the Assay Commission, as well as the other two agencies, as recommended by his Reorganization Project.

15. Gary Palmer, a co-founder of the Alabama Family Alliance, eventually became its president.

16. In the U.S. House of Representatives, the state is represented by seven members, six Republicans (Bradley Byrne, Mike D. Rogers, Robert Aderholt, Morris J. Brooks, Martha Roby, and Gary Palmer) and one Democrat (Terri Sewell).

17. DeMarco advanced to a runoff election, where he was defeated by Gary Palmer.

18. Gary Palmer (born 1951) is an American choreographer of modern dance.

19. Gary Palmer began his career in the 1970s as a San Francisco–based dancer with the Lucas Hoving Performance Group, the San Francisco Opera Ballet, and Christopher Beck &

20. He also organized his own troupe, Gary Palmer Dance Company, for which Centerspace served as home base until the early 1990s.

21. Palmer's choreography for Gary Palmer Dance Company is highly kinetic, featuring open balletic movement in tension with tighter gestures.

22. In 1991, Gary Palmer moved his company from San Francisco to San Jose, where he performed at various South Bay venues such as the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts.

23. The lawsuit further alleged that money from ticket sales had been used instead to pay some old debts of the Gary Palmer Dance Company.

24. Gary Palmer resigned as executive director of the company at the end of 1998.

25. Gary Palmer may refer to:

26. The incumbent is Republican Gary Palmer, who has represented the district since 2015.

27. Gary Palmer of Alabama voted for Jeff Sessions, who was not a member of the House at the time;

28. Three members of the Freedom Caucus, Dave Brat (Va.), Mark Sanford (S.C.) and Gary Palmer (Ala.) voted against it. It went next to the House Rules Committee, then to the full House.

29. Companion legislation in the House was introduced in 2017 by Mo Brooks (R-AL) and co-sponsored by eleven Republican representatives: Kevin Brady (TX-8), Steve King (IA-4), Louie Gohmert (TX-1), Tom Garrett, Jr. (VA-5), Lamar S. Smith (TX-21), Walter B. Jones, Jr. (NC-3), Paul Gosar (AZ-4), Ron DeSantis (FL-6), Joe Wilson (SC-2), Gary Palmer (AL-6), and Kevin Cramer (ND-At-large).

30. The incumbent is Republican Gary Palmer, who was re-elected with 69.2% of the vote in 2018.