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Garde Mobile in a sentence

1. Those who for any reason were not conscripted were to be enrolled in the Garde Mobile, a militia with a nominal strength of 400,000.

2. The mobilisation of reservists was chaotic and resulted in large numbers of stragglers, while the Garde Mobile were generally untrained and often mutinous.

3. The regulars were also supported by the Garde Mobile, new recruits with little training or experience.

4. While the formation of the new government was taking place inside the Hôtel de Ville, however, units of the National Guard and Garde Mobile loyal to General Trochu arrived and recaptured the building without violence.

5. It was replaced in January 1868 by a much more modest project to create a garde mobile, or reserve force, to support the army.

6. Under his system, those men who had purchased exemption from conscription into the army would nonetheless be called up into a new service, the Garde Mobile.

7. He also was able to rearm the whole of the army with the chassepot rifle, but not the Garde Mobile.

8. He grew up in the world of the Second Republic and the Second Empire and was a soldier "Garde Mobile" in the first Franco-Prussian War.

9. The Garde mobile ("Mobile Guard";

10. Napoleon III took up the idea and announced on 12 December 1866 that the Garde Mobile would eventually attain a strength of 400,000 troops.

11. Hence not much money was spent for the equipment or training of the Garde Mobile.

12. The Garde Mobile had different uniforms from those of either the regular infantry, the National Guard, or the infantry of the French Marines.

13. When the Franco-Prussian War broke out, troops were called up into the Garde Mobile, and they received a mixture of inferior equipment bought from foreign countries, the transport of which was secured by the French Navy.

14. The Garde Mobile rush from an inn to defend themselves from the advancing Prussian troops.

15. Stragglers from Wörth, various other remnant forces, 130 marine infantrymen and elements of the Garde Mobile and National Guard militia improved the garrison's strength to 23,000.

16. and four Garde Mobile battalions to the east of the road.

17. The French committed a force of 60,000 men, largely conscripts of the Garde Mobile, and 140 guns against the Prussians' 9,000 men and 70 guns, mostly drawn from regular troops.

18. the majority were recent conscripts of the Garde Mobile and had seen a string of defeats, German occupation of their land and the siege of the capital.

19. The Garde Mobile could only be relied upon when defending a fortified position and were almost useless for an attack launched in the style of the Napoleonic Wars.

20. French inhabitants told the Germans that Toul had only 1,000 or 1,200 Garde Mobile as garrison.

21. Three standards of the 3rd dragoons and the eagle of a Garde Mobile regiment were captured.

22. The numbers of the Garde mobile had been reduced along with the army by the exigencies of the armistice.

23. However, from autumn 1943, it was involved in operations against the French Resistance, in which it often proved much more zealous than the Garde mobile.

24. His father Victor was a member of the garde mobile, and he had three sisters.

25. French troops rush from the inn, their uniforms identify them as Turcos or Algerian rifleman and mobiles or members of the Garde Mobile.

26. This honours the reservists and members of the "garde mobile" who fought in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870.

27. During the Franco-Prussian War of 1870–71 he served in the garde mobile in defense of Paris.

28. During the Siege of Paris (1870–71) he served in Paris as a lieutenant in a battalion of Garde Mobile.

29. He was a captain in the Basses-Alpes Garde Mobile during the Franco-Prussian War, and on 26 November 1870 was wounded during the attack on Dijon.

30. Shortly after the conclusion of the war, he has as an officer of the Garde Mobile, been on the defense of Paris during the protracted siege.